1. ros2 download link: There can download pre_built pkgs for different platforms and source pkgs.
    2. cartographer-master install tutorials
        (1) unzip file
        (2) copy "thirdparty" directory to "cartographer-master" directory
        (3) cd into "thirdparty" dir and "unzip" or "tar -xvf" these files
        (4) compile every pkgs:
            cd "pkg"
            mkdir build & cd build
            cmake .. -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON
            make -j2
            make install
        remember compile them one by one: abseil googletest gflags glog lua boost protobuf ceres_solver
        (5) cd "cartographer-master" dir
            mkdir build & cd build
            cmake .. -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=../install
            make -j2
            make install
        just wait and you can get libs and includes in install dir
    1. install ros-melodic and cartographer_ros
        if you want to try ros2,please follow the step-1. but cartographer support no well for ros2, so ros1 recommended.
        (1) follow these steps by link:, if sudo rosdep init failed beacause of network,try "sudo vim /etc/hosts" and add "" at the last line. Then cd main dir and "mkdir -p cartographer_ws/src" and cd to cartographer_ws/src and "catkin_init_workspace"
        (2) "unzip" and copy to cartographer_ws/src that created before. please modify the CMakeLists.txt before the line with find_package(cartographer REQUIRED) as your own install_dir in all pkgs
            "cd cartographer_ws"
            "catkin_make -j2"
            "source /opt/ros/melodic/setup.bash"
            "source devel/setup.bash"
        Attention: configuration_files ".lua" have been copied to cartographer_ws. so just test it.
    1. test cartographer_ros
        (1) download bag datasets or record your own data
            wget -P ~/Downloads
            wget -P ~/Downloads
        (2) run demo
            roslaunch cartographer_ros demo_backpack_2d.launch bag_filename:=${BAG_DIR}/cartographer_paper_deutsches_museum.bag
    1. Have a wonderful learning trip. Thanks. and reference to the papers in the Books dir.





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