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    中国部分 Android 开发者

    Avatar Github Blog Description
    Google Android Google Android Developers Blog
    JakeWharton ActionBarSherlock, Android-ViewPagerIndicator, Nine Old Androids, butterknife
    Square okhttp, fest-android, android-times-square, picasso, dagger, spoon
    Chris Banes ActionBar-PullToRefresh, PhotoView, Android-BitmapCache, Android-PullToRefresh
    Jeremy Feinstein SlidingMenu, JazzyViewPager
    Sergey Tarasevich Android-Universal-Image-Loader
    Koushik Dutta Superuser, AndroidAsync, UrlImageViewHelper
    Simon Vig android-menudrawer, MessageBar
    Cyril Mottier GreenDroid, Polaris
    Emil Sjolander StickyListHeaders, sprinkles, android-FlipView
    James Smith android-async-http
    Manuel Peinado FadingActionBar, GlassActionBar, RefreshActionItem, QuickReturnHeader
    greenrobot greenDAO, EventBus
    Jeff Gilfelt android-mapviewballoons, android-viewbadger, android-actionbarstylegenerator, android-sqlite-asset-helper
    Roman Nurik muzei, Android-SwipeToDismiss
    Flavien Laurent NotBoringActionBar, datetimepicker, discrollview
    Gabriele Mariotti cardslib, colorpickercollection
    sephiroth74 ImageViewZoom, HorizontalVariableListView, AndroidWheel, purePDF
    Romain Guy ViewServer
    Kevin Sawicki http-request
    Christopher Jenkins Calligraphy, ParallaxScrollView
    Javier Pardo ListBuddies, FlabbyListView, GoogleProgressBar, FadingActionBar
    Chet Haase Android framework UI team
    Matthias Käppler signpost
    Daniel Lew Android Tips
    FaceBook buck
    Code Zen iOS Android
    Styling Android Google Plus A techical guide to to improving the UI and UX Android apps


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