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    feat(cmake/arm/cuda): support cmake arm with cuda, · 914af286
    Megvii Engine Team 提交于
    * support arm-host and x86-cross-arm
    * fix trt myelib cmake build issue at 'trt copy env'(about 'copy env', Please refs cb92123f)
    about x86-cross-arm CUDA env:
    1: run ./scripts/cmake-build/create_cuda_build_libs.py to prepare
       cuda/cudnn/trt env(download deb package info, Please refs create_cuda_build_libs.py)
    2: export TRT_ROOT_DIR=xxxxx which may create by step 1
    3: export CUDNN_ROOT_DIR=xxxx which may create by step 1
    4: export PATH=xxxx:$PATH  xxxx need create by step 1, which nvcc have
       relative path dir: ../targets/sbsa-linux/
    GitOrigin-RevId: 440c76052aabe5b07a4b64d126e759f919c257a8