A book-in-progress about the linux kernel and its insides.

    The goal is simple - to share my modest knowledge about the insides of the linux kernel and help people who are interested in linux kernel insides, and other low-level subject matter. Feel free to go through the book Start here

    Questions/Suggestions: Feel free about any questions or suggestions by pinging me at twitter @0xAX, adding an issue or just drop me an email.

    Mailing List

    We have a Google Group mailing list for learning the kernel source code. Here are some instructions about how to use it.


    Send an email with any subject/content to Then you will receive a confirmation email. Reply it with any content and then you are done.

    If you have Google account, you can also open the archive page and click Apply to join group. You will be approved automatically.

    Send emails to mailing list

    Just send emails to The basic usage is the same as other mailing lists powered by mailman.



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    In order to run your own copy of the book with gitbook within a local container:

    1. Enable Docker experimental features with vim or another text editor

       sudo vim /usr/lib/systemd/system/docker.service

      Then add --experimental=true to the end of the ExecStart=/usr/bin/dockerd -H fd:// line and save.

      Eg: ExecStart=/usr/bin/dockerd -H fd:// --experimental=true

      Then, you need to reload and restart the Docker daemon:

       systemctl daemon-reload
       systemctl restart docker.service
    2. Build container image

      docker image build \
          --rm --squash \
          --label linux-insides \
          --tag linux-insides-book:latest \
          -f Dockerfile .
    3. Create and run book in local container

      docker run \
          --detach \
          --rm \
          -p 4000:4000 \
          --name linux-insides-book \
          --hostname linux-insides-book \
    4. Open your local copy of linux insides book under this url http://localhost:4000


    Feel free to create issues or pull-requests if you have any problems.

    Please read before pushing any changes.





    Licensed BY-NC-SA Creative Commons.


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