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    As the efforts of the GitBook team are focused on the platform, the CLI is no longer under active development.
    All content supported by the CLI are mostly supported by our / GitHub integration.
    Content hosted on the will continue working until further notice. For differences with the new vesion, check out our documentation.


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    GitBook is a command line tool (and Node.js library) for building beautiful books using GitHub/Git and Markdown (or AsciiDoc). Here is an example: Learn Javascript.

    You can publish and host books easily online using A desktop editor is also available.

    Stay updated by following @GitBookIO on Twitter or GitBook on Facebook.

    Complete documentation is available at


    Getting started

    GitBook can be used either on your computer for building local books or on for hosting them. To get started, check out the installation instructions in the documentation.

    Usage examples

    GitBook can be used to create book, public documentation, enterprise manual, thesis, research papers, etc.

    You can find a list of real-world examples in the documentation.

    Help and Support

    We're always happy to help out with your books or any other questions you might have. You can ask a question on the following contact form at or signal an issue on GitHub.


    Publish your book

    The platform is like an "Heroku for books": you can create a book on it (public, or private) and update it using git push.


    GitBook is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.


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