This is a biggie!

As usual, thanks to everyone who has contributed!

We'll be adding to the Unicode documentation as we go.

Big thanks to @arasabbasi for getting this shipped!

The three main aspects of this release were UTF-8-support, increased NodeJS/AngularJS/WebPack-support and stabilizing jsPDF by fixing bugs.

jsPDF supports finally UTF-8 by having the ability to use custom fonts. We want to thank here especially to contributor @sphilee, who programmed the TTFFont.js library file, which is the core of this great feature. Because of the specialties of the arabic-writing-system we have a separate plugin for that writing system.

In the light of the increased amount of reported issues by nodeJS/angularJS/WebPack-users we focused in this build on increased compatibility with nodeJS and other third-party-software. We hope that those changes will solve the reported issues to your sufficiency.

A lot of bugfixes were applied to the core and the addimage.js-plugin.

  • Now API.text is supporting rotation, multiline, right, center and justify alignment to a satisfying level.
  • addimage.js now recognizes images by the magic headers. The PNG-Engine now supports Interlace-mode and CMYK.
  • acroform.js got refactored and works now in Internet Explorer 11, too
  • and many many small bugfixes here and there


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