Breaking Changes

  • As announced previously, we're using ES Modules now! You'll need to convert your HTML Imports files to modules either manually, or using our modulizer tool.
  • With the ES Module change, a lot of API names have shortened now that they don't use the Polymer global. Here's an example:
    • Before:
      <link rel="import" href="polymer/lib/utils/case-map.html">
      import {CaseMap} from "@polymer/polymer/lib/utils/case-map.js";
  • However, Polymer.Element became PolymerElement, as Element would shadow over the native Element class.
  • importHref() functionality is removed, please use the ES Module equivalent: import('path/to/module.js' )
    • Polymer CLI tooling and Webpack will automatically fix this up for browsers that don't support ES Modules.

Raw Notes

  • use released versions of shadycss and webcomponentsjs (commit)

  • Bump dependencies (commit)

  • Run Chrome & FF serially to try and help flakiness (commit)

  • Fix lint warning (commit)

  • Bump to cli 1.7.0 (commit)

  • Removing support for returning strings from template getter. (Per previous documented deprecation: https://www.polymer-project.org/2.0/docs/devguide/dom-template#templateobject) (commit)

  • Fix typos and nits (commit)

  • Update to Gulp 4 (commit)

  • Add serve command to package.json and update package-lock.json (commit)

  • Fix for browsers that don't have input.labels. (commit)

  • Tweak introductory note, fix webpack capitalization (commit)

  • gestures: Avoid spreading non-iterable in older browsers (commit)

  • wip (commit)

  • Readme: very small tweaks (commit)

  • Tweak wording. (commit)

  • Fix link (commit)

  • Re-order sections (commit)

  • Fix LitElement typo (commit)

  • Depend on polymer-cli rather than wct (commit)

  • Minor tweaks (commit)

  • Update README for 3.x (commit)

  • Update Edge testing versions. (commit)

  • Exclude all Edge versions from keyframe/font tests. (commit)

  • Update wcjs version. (commit)

  • Add .npmignore file (#5215) (commit)

  • Use node 9 (commit)

  • Use module flags for wct (commit)

  • Use babel parser for aslant for dynamic import. (commit)

  • Fix lint errors. (commit)

  • 3.0.0-pre.13 (commit)

  • [package.json] Remove version script (commit)

  • Update dependencies (commit)

  • Fix test typo on Chrome (commit)

  • Fixes IE11 test issues (commit)

  • Fixes styling tests related to using HTML Imports (commit)

  • Remove crufty global (fixes globals.html test) (commit)

  • Update to webcomponents 2.0.0 and webcomponents-bundle.js (commit)

  • Fix meaningful whitespace in test assertion (commit)

  • Fix latent mistake using old SD API (commit)

  • Add global for wct callback when amd compiling (commit)

  • Eliminate pre-module code from resolveUrl tests (commit)

  • Improve documentation and legibility. (commit)

  • Add some global whitelists (commit)

  • Fix references to js files instead of html files (commit)

  • Fix glob patterns for eslint (commit)

  • Fix ESLint warnings (commit)

  • Eliminate more canonical path usage (commit)

  • Eliminate canonical path to wcjs (commit)

  • Remove extra polymer-legacy.js imports (commit)

  • Clean up Polymer fn import (commit)

  • Add WCT config used by all tests (commit)

  • Clean up exports (commit)

  • Allow Polymer fn's call to Class to be overridden. (commit)

  • add sill-relevant, deleted tests back in (commit)

  • manually change inter-package dep imports from paths to names (commit)

  • manually add assetpath (import.meta.url) for tests that require it (commit)

  • move behavior definition to before usage (commit)

  • define omitted class declaration (commit)

  • remove < and replace with < for innerHTML (commit)

  • fixed typo causing test to fail (commit)

  • fix missing dom-module in modulization (commit)

  • revert module wait (commit)

  • wait for elements in other modules to be defined (commit)

  • no more undefined.hasShadow (commit)

  • removed link rel import type css tests (commit)

  • delete debugger (commit)

  • skip link rel import type css tests on native imports (commit)

  • add missing css html import (commit)

  • remove importHref tests (commit)

  • Import Polymer function in tests from legacy/polymer-fn.js (commit)

  • Export Polymer function from polymer-legacy.js (commit)

  • Add new wct deps. (commit)

  • Fixup a few places where comments were misplaced. (commit)

  • Fixup license comments. (commit)

  • Update package.json from modulizer's output, set polymer-element.js as main. (commit)

  • Replace sources with modulizer output. (commit)

  • Rename HTML files to .js files to trick git's rename detection. (commit)

  • Delete typings for now. (commit)

  • Add reasoning for suppress missingProperties (commit)

  • Don't rely on dom-module synchronously until WCR. (commit)

  • Avoid closure warnings. (commit)

  • Add ability to define importMeta on legacy elements. Fixes #5163 (commit)

  • Allow legacy element property definitions with only a type. Fixes #5173 (commit)

  • Update docs. (commit)

  • Use Polymer.ResolveUrl.pathFromUrl (commit)

  • Fix test under shadydom. Slight logic refactor. (commit)

  • Fix lint warning (commit)

  • Add importMeta getter to derive importPath from modules. Fixes #5163 (commit)

  • Reference dependencies as siblings in tests. (commit)

  • Update types (commit)

  • Add note about performance vs correctness (commit)

  • Update types. (commit)

  • Lint clean. (commit)

  • Pass through fourth namespace param on attributeChangedCallback. (commit)

  • Add a @const annotation to help the Closure Compiler understand that Polymer.Debouncer is the name of a type. (commit)

  • [ci skip] update changelog (commit)

  • Update docs and types (commit)

  • Update perf test to use strict-binding-parser (commit)

  • Correct import paths (commit)

  • Only store method once for dynamic functions (commit)

  • Move strict-binding-parser to lib/mixins (commit)

  • Rename to StrictBindingParser (commit)

  • Fix linter errors (commit)

  • Extract to a mixin (commit)

  • Add missing dependency to bower.json (commit)

  • Fix linter warning (commit)

  • Add documentation (commit)

  • Add performance test for binding-expressions (commit)

  • Rewrite parser to use switch-case instead of functions (commit)

  • Remove escaping from bindings (commit)

  • Fix linter warning (commit)

  • Refactor to be functional and add more tests (commit)

  • Fix linter warnings (commit)

  • Rewrite expression parser to state machine (commit)


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