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    SpaceVim is a community-driven modular Vim distribution. It manages collections of plugins in layers, which help to collect related packages together to provide IDE-like features.

    The last release is v1.8.0, check out following-HEAD page for what happened since last release.

    See the following links below for more information:

    Support SpaceVim

    This project wouldn't exist without all the people who contributed, We are thankful for any contributions from the community.

    The best way to support SpaceVim is to contribute to it either by reporting bugs, helping the community on the Gitter Chat, or sending pull requests.

    For more information please check our development guidelines.

    If you use SpaceVim in your daily work and feel that it has made your life easier, please consider buying me a coffee once in a while!

    Buy Me a Coffee at

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    SpaceVim v1.8.0


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