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    Remove support for end-of-life Python 2.7 (#1318) · 8c5a41ba
    Jon Dufresne 提交于
    Remove support for end-of-life Python 2.7
    Python 2.7 is end of life. It is no longer receiving bug fixes,
    including for security issues. Python 2.7 went EOL on 2020-01-01. For
    additional details on support Python versions, see:
    Supported: https://devguide.python.org/#status-of-python-branches
    EOL: https://devguide.python.org/devcycle/#end-of-life-branches
    Removing support for EOL Pythons will reduce testing and maintenance
    resources while allowing the library to move towards a modern Python 3
    style. Python 2.7 users can continue to use the previous version of
    Was able to simplify the code:
    - Removed redis._compat module
    - Removed __future__ imports
    - Removed object from class definition (all classes are new style)
    - Removed long (Python 3 unified numeric types)
    - Removed deprecated __nonzero__ method
    - Use simpler Python 3 super() syntax
    - Use unified OSError exception
    - Use yield from syntax
    Co-authored-by: NAndy McCurdy <andy@andymccurdy.com>
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