1. 30 11月, 2021 7 次提交
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      cmake: add some caches for Linux · 6b42b73d
      Saleem Abdulrasool 提交于
      This adds a set of cmake caches to build a toolchain and runtime for
      Linux x86_64.  It is derived from the Windows configuration, but works
      for Linux.
  4. 27 11月, 2021 2 次提交
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      SIL: support non-clang compilers again · 6785663a
      Saleem Abdulrasool 提交于
      The toolchain has traditionally been buildable with clang, cl (MSVC),
      and gcc.  `__has_feature` is a clang-specific directive, ensure that we
      are portable to other compilers by providing a definition of the macro
      incase it is not available (which also includes older clang releases).
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      SILOptimizer: avoid trawling through the directories for includes · 5bf4da88
      Saleem Abdulrasool 提交于
      Use the include search path for the header search rather than
      constructing the path using relative paths.  This is important for
      getting the interop to work properly as well.
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      cmake: fix libswift build dependencies · 61db0726
      Erik Eckstein 提交于
      Unfortunately using the convenient "bootstrapping0-all", etc. custom targets does not work.
      For some reason it does not cause a dependent file (like libswift's SIL.o) being rebuilt when a depenency (like swift-frontend from the previous bootstrapping stage) changes.
      Instead we have to list al library- and executable-targets explicitly.
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