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    • L
      Experimental flag to skip dynamic execution until there has been a successful... · 1e42b94b
      larsrc 提交于
      Experimental flag to skip dynamic execution until there has been a successful build. This allows doing a first clean build in situations where dynamic execution interferes too much.
      PiperOrigin-RevId: 403955415
    • J
      Delete unused `JavaSerializableCodec`. · 1e2ac686
      jhorvitz 提交于
      PiperOrigin-RevId: 403937222
    • W
      Fix effected flags for experimental_cpp_compile_resource_estimation · 14b0814f
      wilwell 提交于
      PiperOrigin-RevId: 403929273
    • M
      Remove incompatible_top_level_aspects_dependency flag · 21165ec4
      messa 提交于
      PiperOrigin-RevId: 403924623
    • F
      Retain runfiles when forwarding DelegatingDefaultInfo · 62582bd7
      Fabian Meumertzheim 提交于
      Before this change, returning a DefaultInfo obtained from a native rule target from a Starlark rule would lose the data_runfiles and
      default_runfiles. This could only be worked around by creating a DefaultInfo provider instance in Starlark explicitly setting these
      This is fixed by having the DelegatingDefaultInfo return null instead of an empty Runfiles object for the stateless runfiles, which indicates to addSimpleProviders in StarlarkRuleConfiguredTargetUtils that default and data runfiles should be used instead. Previously, this logic would only use the always empty stateless runfiles.
      Fixes #9442.
      Closes #14123.
      PiperOrigin-RevId: 403921510
    • E
      Update remote-execution-caching-debug.md · b35944e4
      ecngtng 提交于
      1. When '--execution_log_json_file' is used, we don't need to download code and use execution log parser to convert the logs to
          text anymore. We could directly use our favourite text differ to diff.
         This option is more convenient than '--execution_log_binary_file'.
      2. Add information about 'internal' and update example with that.
      Closes #14099.
      PiperOrigin-RevId: 403899679