Material Theme UI for JetBrains

This is a port of the famous Material Theme for JetBrains IDEs, allowing a total customization of the IDE including Themes, Color Schemes, Icons and many other features.


Since version 6.0.0 the plugin is now a paid plugin based on a freemium model. It means that the plugin is still free, but extra features are only available for paid customers. Previous versions are still available for free, but further updates will only be available on the Paid Version.

The plugin is priced at $1.5 USD monthly, or $15 annually for individuals, and $7.5 monthly/$75 annually for enterprises. Academics, open-source and user groups are free of charge, and non-profit organizations and educational organizations can get a discount.

Also, people that have contributed more than 1$ in the past, and code contributors can get a free lifetime license! Contact me with your contact information at to apply.

Thanks for your support for all this time!!! You guys are the best!!!

In any case, there is a free version available for everyone here but with limited features: Material Theme UI Lite

License Activation

Once you have bought a License, you will still need to activate it to enjoy the premium features.

To do so you could either go to Help -> Activate License or from the Material Theme Settings.

NOTE: You will need to restart the IDE

Feature Comparison:
Feature Premium Version Free Version Lite Version
Built-in Themes Yes Yes Yes
Color Schemes Yes Yes Yes
Fonts Yes Yes Yes
Wallpapers Yes Yes Yes
File Status Colors Yes Yes Yes
Accent Colors Yes Yes (not configurable) Yes (not configurable)
Material Components Yes Yes Yes (partial support)
Support Yes Yes Yes (partial)
Custom Themes Yes No No
Tab Settings Yes Partial (Tab Height) No
Compact Settings Yes Yes No
Project View Settings Yes Partial No
Component Settings Yes Partial (Scrollbars) No
Language Additions Yes No No
External Themes Yes No No
Update rate High Medium Low

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The Material Theme plugin is sponsored by CodeStream and Codota.

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Pull requests are appreciated! I can use some help on bugs and features listed in, or you can send me some new ideas!


Twitter: @crmag @mallowigi

Official page: @MJetbrains

Github: @ChrisRM @Mallowigi

Thanks to @equinusocio and his original Material Theme for the inspiration.


You can contact us or ask questions via Gitter or our brand new Slack community!

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Other portings

The Material Theme has been ported to many other editors, applications, websites and other platforms:

Icon Reference

  • All file icons have been built using the tools provided by A File Icon. Great thanks to them!
  • And of course many thanks to the SVG creators:

Thanks also for @yonnyz for the theme icons!

Also many thanks to other plugin developers for helping me solving A LOT of issues:

Thanks to all original plugin contributors, EAP contributors and a special thanks to the guys at JetBrains for contributing and showing interest in the project!

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