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      LDAP: properly implemented as a curl_handler · 2e056353
      Howard Chu 提交于
      makes the LDAP code much cleaner, nicer and in general being a
      better libcurl citizen. If a new enough OpenLDAP version is
      detect, the new and shiny lib/openldap.c code is then used
      instead of the old cruft
      Code by Howard, minor cleanups by Daniel.
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      curl_fnmatch: Use int not bool when function returns int · 606b933a
      Tor Arntsen 提交于
      bool in curl internals is unsigned char and should not be used
      to receive return value from functions returning int - this fails
      when using IBM VisualAge and Tru64 compilers.
    • D
      TFTP: send legal timeout value · d17709da
      Daniel Stenberg 提交于
      Eric Mertens posted bug #3003705: when we made TFTP use the
      correct timeout option when sent to the server (fixed May 18th
      2010) it became obvious that libcurl used invalid timeout values
      (300 by default while the RFC allows nothing above 255). While of
      course it is obvious that as TFTP has worked thus far without
      being able to set timeout at all, just removing the setting
      wouldn't make any difference in behavior. I decided to still keep
      it (but fix the problem) as it now actually allows for easier
      (future) customization of the timeout.
    • D
      TFTP: don't ack if wrong block num is received · 0bb6deda
      Daniel Stenberg 提交于
      If an unexpected block number was received, break out of the
      switch loop.
    • D
      TFTP: block id wrap bug fix · 0a29e244
      Daniel Stenberg 提交于
      In a normal expression, doing [unsigned short] + 1 will not wrap
      at 16 bits so the comparisons and outputs were done wrong. I
      added a macro do make sure it gets done right.
      Douglas Kilpatrick filed bug report #3004787 about it:
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