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      · a07bc791
      Yang Tse 提交于
      removed trailing whitespace
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      · c3b87d1b
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      mention last changes
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      · 2dfbd0d0
      Yang Tse 提交于
      mention a couple of changes back from November
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      · 49ba75af
      Yang Tse 提交于
      - Symbol CURL_FORMAT_OFF_T now obsoleted, will be removed in a future release,
        symbol will not be available when building with CURL_NO_OLDIES defined. Use
        of CURL_FORMAT_CURL_OFF_T is preferred since 7.19.0
    • D
      We introduce a loop in lib/multi.c around all calls to multi_runsingle() and · 55f1e787
      Daniel Stenberg 提交于
      simply check for CURLM_CALL_MULTI_PERFORM internally. This has the added
      benefit that this goes in line with my long-term wishes to get rid of the
      CURLM_CALL_MULTI_PERFORM all together from the public API.
  11. 28 1月, 2010 1 次提交
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      · 3cb76e5e
      Yang Tse 提交于
      mention asynchronous DNS lookups enhancements
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      - As was pointed out on the http-state mailing list, the order of cookies in a · 877dad1e
      Daniel Stenberg 提交于
        HTTP Cookie: header _needs_ to be sorted on the path length in the cases
        where two cookies using the same name are set more than once using
        (overlapping) paths. Realizing this, identically named cookies must be
        sorted correctly. But detecting only identically named cookies and take care
        of them individually is harder than just to blindly and unconditionally sort
        all cookies based on their path lengths. All major browsers also already do
        this, so this makes our behavior one step closer to them in the cookie area.
        Test case 8 was the only one that broke due to this change and I updated it
    • D
      - David McCreedy brought a fix and a new test case (129) to make libcurl work · a5ca3f17
      Daniel Stenberg 提交于
        again when downloading files over FTP using ASCII and it turns out that the
        final size of the file is not the same as the initial size the server
        reported. This is very common since servers don't take the newline
        conversions into account.
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      - Johan van Selst found and fixed a OpenSSL session ref count leak: · 552c3de3
      Daniel Stenberg 提交于
        ossl_connect_step3() increments an SSL session handle reference counter on
        each call. When sessions are re-used this reference counter may be
        incremented many times, but it will be decremented only once when done (by
        Curl_ossl_session_free()); and the internal OpenSSL data will not be freed
        if this reference count remains positive. When a session is re-used the
        reference counter should be corrected by explicitly calling
        SSL_SESSION_free() after each consecutive SSL_get1_session() to avoid
        introducing a memory leak.
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      - Ingmar Runge enhanced libcurl's FTP engine to support the PRET command. This · 605bbfc4
      Daniel Stenberg 提交于
        command is a special "hack" used by the drftpd server, but even though it is
        a custom extension I've deemed it fine to add to libcurl since this server
        seems to survive and people keep using it and want libcurl to support
        it. The new libcurl option is named CURLOPT_FTP_USE_PRET, and it is also
        usable from the curl tool with --ftp-pret. Using this option on a server
        that doesn't support this command will make libcurl fail.
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