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    • D
      fix SFTP download hang · 49f3160d
      Daniel Stenberg 提交于
      Matt Wixson found and fixed a bug in the SCP/SFTP area where the
      code treated a 0 return code from libssh2 to be the same as
      EAGAIN while in reality it isn't. The problem caused a hang in
      SFTP transfers from a MessageWay server.
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    • B
      allow user+password in the URL for all protocols · 0eda142e
      Ben Greear 提交于
      Ben Greear brought a patch that from now on allows all protocols
      to specify name and user within the URL, in the same manner HTTP
      and FTP have been allowed to in the past - although far from all
      of the libcurl supported protocols actually have that feature in
      their URL definition spec.
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    • B
      fix: timeout after last data chunk was handled · 05632d5d
      Bob Richmond 提交于
      Bob Richmond: There's an annoying situation where libcurl will
      read new HTTP response data from a socket, then check if it's a
      timeout if one is set. If the last packet received constitutes
      the end of the response body, libcurl still treats it as a
      timeout condition and reports a message like:
      "Operation timed out after 3000 milliseconds with 876 out of 876
      bytes received"
      It should only a timeout if the timer lapsed and we DIDN'T
      receive the end of the response body yet.
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    • D
      chunked-encoding with Content-Length: header problem · 7fd32ce7
      Daniel Stenberg 提交于
      Akos Pasztory filed debian bug report #572276
      mentioning a problem with a resource that returns chunked-encoded
      _and_ with a Content-Length and libcurl failed to properly ignore
      the latter information.
    • D
      delayed easy handle kill caused double Curl_close() call · 2a94293e
      Daniel Stenberg 提交于
      Hauke Duden provided an example program that made the multi
      interface crash.  His example simply used the multi interface and
      did first one FTP transfer and after completion it used a second
      easy handle and did another FTP transfer on the same FTP server.
      This triggered a bug in the "delayed easy handle kill" system
      that curl uses: when an FTP connection is left alive it must keep
      an easy handle around internally - only for the purpose of having
      an easy handle when it later disconnects it. The code assumed
      that when the easy handle was removed and an internal reference
      was made, that version could be killed later on when a new easy
      handle came using the same connection. This was wrong as Hauke's
      example showed that the removed handle wasn't killed for real
      until later. This caused a double close attempt => segfault.
    • D
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    • D
      - Constantine Sapuntzakis brought a patch: · 733f794c
      Daniel Stenberg 提交于
        The problem mentioned on Dec 10 2009
        (http://curl.haxx.se/bug/view.cgi?id=2905220) was only partially fixed.
        Partially because an easy handle can be associated with many connections in
        the cache (e.g. if there is a redirect during the lifetime of the easy
        handle).  The previous patch only cleaned up the first one. The new fix now
        removes the easy handle from all connections, not just the first one.
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    • Y
      · f4551a96
      Yang Tse 提交于
      Constantine Sapuntzakis detected and fixed a double free in builds done
      with threaded resolver enabled (Windows default configuration) that would
      get triggered when a curl handle is closed while doing DNS resolution.
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    • D
      - [Daniel Johnson] I've been trying to build libcurl with clang on Darwin and · 013d5a72
      Daniel Stenberg 提交于
        ran into some issues with the GSSAPI tests in configure.ac. The tests first
        try to determine the include dirs and libs and set CPPFLAGS and LIBS
        accordingly. It then checks for the headers and finally sets LIBS a second
        time, causing the libs to be included twice. The first setting of LIBS seems
        redundant and should be left out, since the first part is otherwise just
        about finding headers.
        My second issue is that 'krb5-config --libs gssapi' on Darwin is less than
        useless and returns junk that, while it happens to work with gcc, causes
        clang to choke. For example, --libs returns $CFLAGS along with the libs,
        which is really retarded. Simply setting 'LIBS="$LIBS -lgssapi_krb5
        -lresolv"' on Darwin is sufficient.
    • D
      - Based on patch provided by Jacob Moshenko, the transfer logic now properly · 9b2cce23
      Daniel Stenberg 提交于
        makes sure that when using sub-second timeouts, there's no final bad 1000ms
        wait. Previously, a sub-second timeout would often make the elapsed time end
        up the time rounded up to the nearest second (e.g. 1s for 200ms timeout)
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