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      tests: ignore case of chunked hex numbers in tests · 70cf50fb
      David Cook 提交于
      When hyper is used, it emits uppercase hexadecimal numbers for chunked
      encoding lengths. Without hyper, lowercase hexadecimal numbers are used.
      This change adds preprocessor statements to tests where this is an
      issue, and adapts the fixtures to match.
      Closes #6987
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      cmake: check for getppid and utimes · 8419fe4d
      Daniel Stenberg 提交于
      ... as they're checked for in the configure script and are used by
      source code.
      Removed checks for perror, setvbuf and strlcat since those defines are
      not checked for in source code.
      Bonus: removed HAVE_STRLCPY from a few config-*.h files since that
      symbol is not used in source code.
      Closes #6997
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      libtest: remove lib530.c · 91d9fead
      Daniel Stenberg 提交于
      Follow up from e50a877d when test 530 was removed. Since then this
      source file has not been used/needed.
      Closes #6999
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      FILEFORMAT: mention sectransp as a feature · 23e9b96a
      Daniel Stenberg 提交于
      Been supported since at least 40259ca6
      Closes #7001
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      RELEASE-NOTES: synced · 964b840f
      Daniel Stenberg 提交于
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      libssh2: ignore timeout during disconnect · 76453240
      Daniel Stenberg 提交于
      ... to avoid memory leaks!
      libssh2 is tricky as we have to deal with the non-blockiness even in
      close and shutdown cases. In the cases when we shutdown after a timeout
      already expired, it is crucial that curl doen't let the timeout abort
      the shutdown process as that then leaks memory!
      Reported-by: Benjamin Riefenstahl
      Fixes #6990
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