• [Feature] [graph] Support multiple edges to link nodes in graph. #12590 (wf123537200)

  • [Feature] [funnel] Add orient option in funnel. Support horizontal layout. #12754 (regrex)

  • [Enhancement] [tooltip] Add text shadow options. #12664 (Ovilia)

  • [Enhancement] [toolbox] Add brushStyle option to configuration style of brush rect in the dataZoom feature. #12550 (zhiyuc123)

  • [Fix] [themeRiver] Optimize data process in themeRiver. #12022 (Zaynex)

  • [Fix] [toolbox] Fix pie series render incorrectly after editing its data in the dataView feature. #12561 (plainheart)

  • [Fix] [toolbox] Fix dataView shows NaN when using dataset. #11849 (susiwen8)

  • [Fix] [toolbox] Fix saveAsImage may have error in some special environments. #12643 (lzr900515)

  • [Fix] [lines] Fix lines disappear if setOption again without data. #12850 (plainheart)

  • [Fix] [sunburst] [treemap] Fix label formatter in levels not work bug. #12742 (Ovilia)

  • [Fix] [bmap] Fix bmap event moveend is always triggered when dragging or zoomend. #12558 (plainheart)

  • [Fix] [grid] Fix wrong gap calculation when containLabelis set in grid. #12259 (Ling310)

  • [Fix] [tooltip] Fix newline in tooltip of radar and map series when using ricText render mode. #12664 (Ovilia)

  • [Fix] [tooltip] Update tooltip position proportionally when chart resized. #12834 (liulinboyi)

  • [Fix] [tooltip] Fix tooltip dispose in richText render mode. #12608 (plainheart)

  • [Fix] [tree] Fix image symbol not display on first render. #12367 (plainheart)

  • [Fix] [geo] Fix label formatter not work bug. #12762 (plainheart)

  • [Fix] [bar] Fix error when switching showBackground from false to true. #13085 (easonyq)

  • [Fix] [markArea] Fix label is not hidden when markArea is outside the grid. #12669 (Ovilia)

  • [Fix] [markLine] [markPoint] Fix symbolRotate not work bug. #12737 #12392 (plainheart)

  • [Fix] [polar] Fix bar layout on polar with nagive axis. #12418 (gracelia)


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