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      🏷 Add Mypy check to CI and ignore all existing Mypy errors (#9167) · 657af5f9
      Connor Brinton 提交于
      * 🚨 Ignore all existing Mypy errors
      * 🏗 Add Mypy check to CI
      * Add types-mock and types-requests as dev requirements
      * Add additional type ignore directives
      * Add types packages to dev-only list in reqs test
      * Add types-dataclasses for python 3.6
      * Add ignore to pretrain
      * 🏷 Improve type annotation on `run_command` helper
      The `run_command` helper previously declared that it returned an
      `Optional[subprocess.CompletedProcess]`, but it isn't actually possible
      for the function to return `None`. These changes modify the type
      annotation of the `run_command` helper and remove all now-unnecessary
      `# type: ignore` directives.
      * 🔧 Allow variable type redefinition in limited contexts
      These changes modify how Mypy is configured to allow variables to have
      their type automatically redefined under certain conditions. The Mypy
      documentation contains the following example:
      def process(items: List[str]) -> None:
          # 'items' has type List[str]
          items = [item.split() for item in items]
          # 'items' now has type List[List[str]]
      This configuration change is especially helpful in reducing the number
      of `# type: ignore` directives needed to handle the common pattern of:
      * Accepting a filepath as a string
      * Overwriting the variable using `filepath = ensure_path(filepath)`
      These changes enable redefinition and remove all `# type: ignore`
      directives rendered redundant by this change.
      * 🏷 Add type annotation to converters mapping
      * 🚨 Fix Mypy error in convert CLI argument verification
      * 🏷 Improve type annotation on `resolve_dot_names` helper
      * 🏷 Add type annotations for `Vocab` attributes `strings` and `vectors`
      * 🏷 Add type annotations for more `Vocab` attributes
      * 🏷 Add loose type annotation for gold data compilation
      * 🏷 Improve `_format_labels` type annotation
      * 🏷 Fix `get_lang_class` type annotation
      * 🏷 Loosen return type of `Language.evaluate`
      * 🏷 Don't accept `Scorer` in `handle_scores_per_type`
      * 🏷 Add `string_to_list` overloads
      * 🏷 Fix non-Optional command-line options
      * 🙈 Ignore redefinition of `wandb_logger` in `loggers.py`
      *  Install `typing_extensions` in Python 3.8+
      The `typing_extensions` package states that it should be used when
      "writing code that must be compatible with multiple Python versions".
      Since SpaCy needs to support multiple Python versions, it should be used
      when newer `typing` module members are required. One example of this is
      `Literal`, which is available starting with Python 3.8.
      Previously SpaCy tried to import `Literal` from `typing`, falling back
      to `typing_extensions` if the import failed. However, Mypy doesn't seem
      to be able to understand what `Literal` means when the initial import
      means. Therefore, these changes modify how `compat` imports `Literal` by
      always importing it from `typing_extensions`.
      These changes also modify how `typing_extensions` is installed, so that
      it is a requirement for all Python versions, including those greater
      than or equal to 3.8.
      * 🏷 Improve type annotation for `Language.pipe`
      These changes add a missing overload variant to the type signature of
      `Language.pipe`. Additionally, the type signature is enhanced to allow
      type checkers to differentiate between the two overload variants based
      on the `as_tuple` parameter.
      Fixes #8772
      *  Don't install `typing-extensions` in Python 3.8+
      After more detailed analysis of how to implement Python version-specific
      type annotations using SpaCy, it has been determined that by branching
      on a comparison against `sys.version_info` can be statically analyzed by
      Mypy well enough to enable us to conditionally use
      `typing_extensions.Literal`. This means that we no longer need to
      install `typing_extensions` for Python versions greater than or equal to
      3.8! 🎉
      These changes revert previous changes installing `typing-extensions`
      regardless of Python version and modify how we import the `Literal` type
      to ensure that Mypy treats it properly.
      * resolve mypy errors for Strict pydantic types
      * refactor code to avoid missing return statement
      * fix types of convert CLI command
      * avoid list-set confustion in debug_data
      * fix typo and formatting
      * small fixes to avoid type ignores
      * fix types in profile CLI command and make it more efficient
      * type fixes in projects CLI
      * put one ignore back
      * type fixes for render
      * fix render types - the sequel
      * fix BaseDefault in language definitions
      * fix type of noun_chunks iterator - yields tuple instead of span
      * fix types in language-specific modules
      * 🏷 Expand accepted inputs of `get_string_id`
      `get_string_id` accepts either a string (in which case it returns its 
      ID) or an ID (in which case it immediately returns the ID). These 
      changes extend the type annotation of `get_string_id` to indicate that 
      it can accept either strings or IDs.
      * 🏷 Handle override types in `combine_score_weights`
      The `combine_score_weights` function allows users to pass an `overrides` 
      mapping to override data extracted from the `weights` argument. Since it 
      allows `Optional` dictionary values, the return value may also include 
      `Optional` dictionary values.
      These changes update the type annotations for `combine_score_weights` to 
      reflect this fact.
      * 🏷 Fix tokenizer serialization method signatures in `DummyTokenizer`
      * 🏷 Fix redefinition of `wandb_logger`
      These changes fix the redefinition of `wandb_logger` by giving a 
      separate name to each `WandbLogger` version. For 
      backwards-compatibility, `spacy.train` still exports `wandb_logger_v3` 
      as `wandb_logger` for now.
      * more fixes for typing in language
      * type fixes in model definitions
      * 🏷 Annotate `_RandomWords.probs` as `NDArray`
      * 🏷 Annotate `tok2vec` layers to help Mypy
      * 🐛 Fix `_RandomWords.probs` type annotations for Python 3.6
      Also remove an import that I forgot to move to the top of the module 😅
      * more fixes for matchers and other pipeline components
      * quick fix for entity linker
      * fixing types for spancat, textcat, etc
      * bugfix for tok2vec
      * type annotations for scorer
      * add runtime_checkable for Protocol
      * type and import fixes in tests
      * mypy fixes for training utilities
      * few fixes in util
      * fix import
      * 🐵 Remove unused `# type: ignore` directives
      * 🏷 Annotate `Language._components`
      * 🏷 Annotate `spacy.pipeline.Pipe`
      * add doc as property to span.pyi
      * small fixes and cleanup
      * explicit type annotations instead of via comment
      Co-authored-by: NAdriane Boyd <adrianeboyd@gmail.com>
      Co-authored-by: Nsvlandeg <sofie.vanlandeghem@gmail.com>
      Co-authored-by: Nsvlandeg <svlandeg@github.com>
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      Adjust PR CI includes (#9464) · 631c170f
      Adriane Boyd 提交于
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      Sync vocab in vectors and components sourced in configs (#9335) · 4192e715
      Adriane Boyd 提交于
      Since a component may reference anything in the vocab, share the full
      vocab when loading source components and vectors (which will include
      `strings` as of #8909).
      When loading a source component from a config, save and restore the
      vocab state after loading source pipelines, in particular to preserve
      the original state without vectors, since `[initialize.vectors]
      = null` skips rather than resets the vectors.
      The vocab references are not synced for components loaded with
      `Language.add_pipe(source=)` because the pipelines are already loaded
      and not necessarily with the same vocab. A warning could be added in
      `Language.create_pipe_from_source` that it may be necessary to save and
      reload before training, but it's a rare enough case that this kind of
      warning may be too noisy overall.
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