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# Shuffle Card Deck

**Tier:** 3-Advanced

As a Web Developer you'll be asked to come up with innovative applications that
solve real world problems for real people. But something you'll quickly learn
is that no matter how many wonderful features you pack into an app users won't
use it if it isn't performant. In other words, there is a direct link between
how an app performs and whether users perceive it as usable.
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The objective of the Shuffle Card Deck app is to find the fastest technique for
shuffling a deck of cards you can use in game apps you create. But, more
important it will provide you with experience at measuring and evaluating app

Your task is to implement the performance evaluation algorithm, the Xorshift
pseudorandom number generator, as well as the WELL512a.c algorithm if you 
choose to attempt the bonus feature.

## User Stories

-   [ ] User can see a panel containing a text box the user can enter the 
number of rounds into, three output text boxes to contain the starting time,
ending time, and total time of the test, and two buttons - 'JS Random',
-   [ ] User can enter a number from 1 to 10,000 to specify the number of
times (or rounds) the selected random number is to be executed.
-   [ ] User can click one of the three buttons to start the evaluation of the
selected random number algorithm. The random number algorithm will be executed
for the number of rounds entered by the user above.
-   [ ] User can see a warning message if number of rounds has not been entered,
if it is not within the range 1 to 10,000, or if it is not a valid integer.
-   [ ] User can see a tabular output area where the results of each algorithm
are displayed - algorithm name, time started, time ended, and total time.
-   [ ] User can see a warning dialog with a 'Cancel' and a 'OK' button if the
number of rounds is changed before all three tests have been run. 
-   [ ] User can click the 'Cancel' button in the warning dialog to dismiss
the dialog with no changes.
-   [ ] User can click the 'OK' button in the warning dialog to clear the
output area and close the warning dialog.
## Bonus features

-   [ ] User can see a third algorithm button - 'WELL512a.c'.
-   [ ] Developer should review the output and determine why the fastest
algorithm is faster than the slowest algorithm. 

## Useful links and resources

- [Random Number Generation (Wikipedia)](
- [Math.random (MDN)](
- [Xorshift (Wikipedia)](
- [WELL512a.c](
- [console.time (MDN)](
- [Using the Chrome DevTools Audit Feature to Measure and Optimize Performance (Part 1)](
- [Using the Chrome DevTools Audit Feature to Measure and Optimize Performance (Part 2)](

## Example projects

Add one or more examples of projects that have similar functionalities to this application. This will act as a guide for the developer.