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    Reorganize README.md and add more links (#4620) · d7e9eaff
    Maribeth Bottorff 提交于
    * Update README.md
    * Copied the introductory statement from the dev site. The devsite introduction makes it more clear that Blockly is a library, not a standalone application. but I can change this back if we are attached to the original statement.
    * Kept the image at the top, despite it not showing in the diff preview
    * Added an explicit Getting Started section with links to the main resources and where to get help
    * Added info on blockly-samples
    * Fleshed out the Contributing section
    * Added info on beta channel
    * Updated date of next release, definition of major and patch update, and some other minor release info (it said we were on major version 2)
    * Switched the order of "branches" and "new APIs" so they reference each other in a logical order