In this release (Q4 2019)

  • Theme updates
    • Changing fonts
    • Ability to add start hats to all blocks
    • Support extending a base theme
  • Added ability to override renderer constants in options

This release had 102 PRs. For a full list of pull requests in this issue, see

Issues closed in this release

Extra padding on some dropdown fields on ios ( Flyout labels don't respect font size ( Typo at ja.js ( Unable to include new categories ( Input fields unresponsive in fullscreen mode ( Output pop up shown twice on iPad for procedure testing ( Unable to edit field when keyboard nav cursor is on block ( Adding shadows to "any" inputs makes that input only accept the shadow output type ( Variable fail do detect global scope ( Blockly Developer-guides sidebar ( Insertion Markers shows wrong when changing "inline" default property ( Add custom blocks to blockly (npm) ( Procedure args do not handle casing correctly ( Display flex breaks measureFontMetrics ( Rendering RTL collapsed blocks in geras error ( Is there an official XSD that we can use to verify our blockly workspaces? ( Zelos multi-line blocks with output connections grow without a limit. ( Failed to run with Windows WebView API ( Child SVG remains in DOM when parent is collapsed ( Field Registration Doc Updates ( code generators arent working ( Zelos: Reporter block with statement input ( Keyboard Nav Cursor reappears when block moves ( Function to empty trash ( Self-closing tag in XML will break the resulting 'if' block ( "Zelos" the List field is not aligned properly ( path typo. ( Update custom fields documentation for updateColour->applyColour rename ( Warning text is hard to read (white-on-lightgreen) ( Flyouts are on the incorrect side of the screen ( Row block in plane demo incorrect location after connecting ( Turtles in turtle demo are black ( TextInput fields have extra padding in readonly ( Wrong cursor over text labels on block ( Filename in compile error message is off-by-one (OBO) ( Lua codegen of lists_getIndex block has problems with list literals ( chore(tools): add release-drafter.yml inside .github ( Deleting the first of a chained input may error out if checks do not match ( Dropdown are acting weird with screen readers ( Sizing of text inputs fields in mutator workspaces is broken ( Workspace drag performance regression ( Insertion Markers Do Not Properly Handle Typed Statement Connections ( Flyout Buttons with Different Font Size are Not Rendered Correctly ( Image Field Creation Doc Updates ( Document setOnClickHandler Function for Image Fields ( Add Dark Mode [FEATURE REQUEST] ( Disabling orphan break blocks breaks undo ( [Edge]: Field edit widget misaligned when browser page is zoomed. ( Code Demo: Edge stops responding to touch ( FieldInput on Win10: Overlay editor does not disappear when the user scrolls ( Right-click shows browser context menu on top of Blockly context menu ( Widget div doesn't change size with zoom level ( Clicking on blank space between toolbox items closes the item tree ( Warning text resizes out of bubble ( Support for custom BlockSvg tabs/notches (

Possible Breaking Changes

CSS styling for renderers now contain additional selector for theme (eg: "classic-theme"). This might require you to update some of your custom CSS styling for Blockly so that it is properly applied.


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