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      Take CompoundButtons drawables min size into account during measurements (#528) · a8c8b6e5
      Alessandro Balocco 提交于
      CompoundButtons such as Checkboxes, when are allowed to shrink (flexShrink = 1f), during the recalculation can end up being shrunk more than what I would consider their "minimum size" since the negative space is calculated for all FlexItems in the shrinkFlexItems() method.
      In this PR I try to prevent these components to get completely shrunk by considering the minimum size of their button drawable. In this way, the drawable size will determine the minimum size of the widget unless a minWidth or minHeight are specified by the user.
  10. 24 12月, 2019 1 次提交
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      Flexline width exceeds container width (#521) · 9f9d07dd
      Alessandro Balocco 提交于
      In this PR I am trying to address an issue that occurs when the calculation of flexlines exceeds the permitted size of their container and some items can be shrunk.
      After successfully calculating the number of flexline the FlexboxLayout proceeds its measurement by determining the main size through the determineMainSize() method. In certain situations, the width of some flexlines might be bigger than the size of their container. In this cases, we need to restrict their calculated width by retriggering a second layout calculation and enforcing their width as the one of their containers.
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      Reduce the number of measure calls for children of Flexbox (#514) · d6c186b1
      Takeshi Hagikura 提交于
      This PR reduces the number of measure calls for the children of the
      If any items in a FlexLine don't have the flexGrow or flexShrink
      attributes set, the children in the FlexLine don't have to be measured
      in the FlexboxHelper#determineMainSize method.
      Similarly, if the AlignItems attribute for the Flexbox is not equal to
      AlignItems.STRETCH nor any items in a FlexLine don't have the
      AlignSelf.STRETCH attributes, the items in the FlexLine don't have to be
      measured in the FlexboxHelpers#stretchViews method.
      Also this PR changes the default values of FlexboxLayout as follows:
      - mAlignItems: STRETCH -> FLEX_START
      - mAlignContent: STRETCH -> FLEX_START
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      Fixed issue #474 (#490) · 1e147f56
      Paul 提交于
      * Fixed issue 474, canScrollHorizontally() throws NPE if the RecyclerView is not attached to the Window
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      Fixes the wrong positioning (#470) · 27bacef7
      Takeshi Hagikura 提交于
      Fixes the wrong positioning
      On the condition flexWrap = No wrap and justifyContent = center.
      This happened because when flexWrap = no wrap, the anchor position
      retrieved from the existing view was wrong. Because the OrientationHelper
      is changed to perpendicularly when flexWrap is nowrap.
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      Merge pull request #461 from google/update_build_gradle_version_3.2 · 9db6bb19
      Takeshi Hagikura 提交于
      Merge the androidx to master
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      Merge the androidx into master. · c3a569f5
      Takeshi Hagikura 提交于
      Now Android Studio 3.2 and the androidx 1.0.0 versions are stable.
      Merging the androidx features to the master is ready.
    • G
      Update to AndroidX stable (#460) · 771df9f4
      Gaëtan Muller 提交于
    • T
      Bump versions for the 1.1.0-beta1 release (#447) · fee22cbe
      Takeshi Hagikura 提交于
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      Update the library versions · 59d86c04
      Takeshi Hagikura 提交于
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      Convert the project to androidx. (#436) · be9bdcbb
      Takeshi Hagikura 提交于
      * Convert the project to androidx.
      Here are the steps I did for the conversion.
      Used Android Studio 3.2 canary 17
      Auto conversion to androdx
      1. Changed the targetSdkVersion and compileSdkVersion to 28
      2. From Android Studio, navigated to "Refactor -> Refactor to AndroidX"
      Manual changes
      1. Trimmed the leading package name (e.g. androidx.recyclerview.widget.RecyclerView -> RecyclerView in files where it's already imported)
      2. Added "androidx.test:rules:1.1.0-alpha3" for a dependency
         (com.android.support.test:runner was there before the conversion, but some classes are now provided by a different dependency like "ActivityTestRule")
      3. In build.gradle files, defined duplicate versions through variables.
         (e.g. 1.0.0-alpha3 for the androidxCoreVersion)
      4. Handled API changes
        - LayoutManager.getChildAt is now nullable
      5. Optimized import order
      These issues need be addressed by the conversion tool. I'll file these
      as issues.
      1. double quotations were replaced by single quotations in the dependencies in build.gradle. It's going to be an issue if the versions are defined through variables.
      2. Unneeded leading package names.
      val navigationView: com.google.android.material.navigation.NavigationView = findViewById(R.id.nav_view)
        Should be
      val navigationView: NavigationView = findViewById(R.id.nav_view)
      3. Add a missing dependency automatically? Like androidx.test.rules.
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  24. 19 7月, 2018 2 次提交
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      Fix the onItemsMoved animation. (#448) · feea71a5
      Takeshi Hagikura 提交于
      Remove the unneeded guard condition in the updateDirtyPosition.
      The mPendingScrollPosition (the position that is considered as the
      starting point when the next layout starts) needed to be updated
      regardless of the if statement of comparing
      firstVisiblePosition and the positionStart
      Fixes #439
    • T
      Move the code style settings file. (#438) · 357dc515
      Takeshi Hagikura 提交于
      To make it easier to import the scheme.
      Also modify the instructions to apply the scheme.
  25. 17 5月, 2018 2 次提交