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    Migrate Linux plugins to make, and remove GN (#394) · d524e88e
    stuartmorgan 提交于
    Updates the existing Linux plugins to use 'make', using slightly modified
    copies of the example_plugin Makefile. As part of that change, restructures
    the Linux plugin sources to remove the src/ and include/... structure since
    it was a legacy of older structures (C++ namespaces expressed via folder
    name, direct inclusion of headers from the tree rather than the build output).
    This moves the plugins a small step closer to what actual Linux plugin
    development will look like (since to the extent that there is any build
    logic in plugins themselves on Linux, the template would almost certainly
    use Makefiles rather than GN).
    This removes the last use of GN, so all the GN infrastructure is removed
    from the project as well.
    Fixes #392
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