An implementation of computing SM2 encryption and decryption is provided. Header files and library files of OpenSSL 1.1.1 or higher version are needed while compiling and linking. OpenSSL website is:

        SM2 is a cryptographic algorithm based on elliptic curves. It is defined in the following standards of China:

    • GB/T32918.1-2016,
    • GB/T32918.2-2016,
    • GB/T32918.3-2016,
    • GB/T32918.4-2016,
    • GM/T 0003-2012.

        Computing SM2 encryption and decryption are supported in OpenSSL 1.1.1. In the source package, "/crypto/sm2/sm2_crypt.c" is a good example. SM2 Encryption and decryption are encapsulated in an abstract level called EVP. In some cases using EVP interfaces to compute SM2 encryption and decryption is a little inconvenient. An implementation bypassing invoking OpenSSL EVP interfaces directly is given here.


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