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    Monorepo Phase 2 (#7434) · 8b600db1
    Jan Siegel 提交于
    * - Move the wrappers:
      i. @handsontable/angular
      ii. @handsontable/react
      iii. @handsontable/vue
     to the './wrappers/' subdirectory,
    - Configure npm workspaces for the wrappers,
    - Add a link to the root directory under './packages/handsontable', because of an issue with generating 'package-lock.json',
    - Add scripts for:
      i. running commands on specific projects
      ii. running commands for all projects
      iii. recognizing the context for running tests only for specific projects
    - Add the config for Codesandbox CI,
    - Update some of the dependencies, to be compatible with npm@7's auto-installing peerDependencies,
    - Modify and/or create issue templates, PR templates and other content,
    - Update urls to the wrappers in READMEs,
    - Add (and temporarily disable) new eslint options.
    * - Update the CONTRIBUTING file.
    - Modify the packages' dependencies to fix npm audit errors.
    * Clean up the helper scripts. #7380
    * Update package-lock #7380
    * - Add a version-bumping script
    - Add a first version of the release-scheduling script (will be extended with bundle verification etc)
    * [WIP]
    - add some dependency adjustment, needed after introducing the monorepo,
    - rearrange and refactor the helper scripts,
    - add a build verification script,
    - add a cleaning script,
    - add a "freeze" script,
    - update the versioning script.
    * [WIP]
    - Unify the typescript version across the packages.
    - Clean up some of the unused dependencies.
    - Bump some versions to be compatible with the typescript version.
    - Bump the angular version to 9 (along with some of the dependencies) in the angular wrapper + disable Ivy for compatibility.
    * [WIP]
    - Add npm scripts for freezing, releasing and publishing + unify their naming between the packages.
    - Rename the scripts from camelCase to kebab-case.
    - Modify the freezing script with the commit/push functionality, along with some fixes.
    - Add a release script.
    - Modify the angular wrapper's version static to make it work with older TS versions, after changing its' dependency from Angular 8 to Angular 9.
    - Modify the GH actions config to use Node 15 instead of 12.
    * Add project aliases to the 'delegate-command' script.
    * Add a script for aliasing the symlinks for the internal packages in node_modules.
    * - Update the 'eslint-plugin-import' package (will need to be updated in the future)
    - Remove the wrapper entries from the codesandbox config (temporarily)
    - Add a safenet to the release script to prevent accidental release pushes to master (the --push argument)
    - Add a script to re-link local packages in node_modules (needed after the modularization merge)
    - Add a eslint-disabling comment to one of the files (bug in the eslint-plugin-import package)
    * Update the node_modules link swapping script.
    * - Make the linter script run the lint command to all packages (if the script exists).
    - Simplify some scripts.
    - Add the changelog entry.
    - Correct the codesandbox ci script, to (temporarily) build only handsontable.
    * - Rearrange the package.json structure for better readability.
    - Add a forced handsontable build in the targeted test script.
    - Add an error message in the node_modules linking script.
    * - Move the link-swapping script to postbuild:es.
    - Refresh package-lock.
    - Fix the delegate-command script.
    * - Rewrite the scripts to esm and rearrange their structure,
    - Add 'semver' package
    - Utilize 'execa' package
    - Modify the 'repository' entries in the wrappers package.jsons
    * Post-CR updates
    * Change the Node version to 15 in the changelog script.
    * Set the node version of Codesandbox CI to 14.
    * - Extend the test-targeting script with pipeline handling.
    - Extend the run-all script with an exclude option.
    - Clean up ther scripts.
    * Fix a problem with the run-all script.
    * - Switch to rimraf.sync in the node_modules cleaning script
    - Minor fixes in the monorepo scripts
    * Fix a potential error with react and vue builds.
    * Add a .nvmrc file.
    * Apply suggestions from code review
    Co-authored-by: NKrzysztof Budnik <571316+budnix@users.noreply.github.com>
    * Update wrappers/angular-handsontable/README.md
    Co-authored-by: NKrzysztof Budnik <571316+budnix@users.noreply.github.com>
    * Rewrite the `prepare-package-for-publish` script to mjs.
    * Apply suggestions from code review
    Co-authored-by: NKrzysztof Budnik <571316+budnix@users.noreply.github.com>
    * Modify the package-linking script.
    * - Remove all 'require's from the scripts in favor of '--experimental-json-modules'.
    - Get rid of callbacks in the execa helper in favor of promises.
    - Clean up some code.
    * - Add missing flags to the package.json scripts.
    - Apple post-CR suggestions.
    * Apply suggestions from code review
    Co-authored-by: NKrzysztof Budnik <571316+budnix@users.noreply.github.com>
    * Update wrappers/angular-handsontable/package.json
    Co-authored-by: NKrzysztof Budnik <571316+budnix@users.noreply.github.com>
    * Update scripts/verify-bundles.mjs
    Co-authored-by: NKrzysztof Budnik <571316+budnix@users.noreply.github.com>
    * Update scripts/verify-bundles.mjs
    Co-authored-by: NKrzysztof Budnik <571316+budnix@users.noreply.github.com>
    * Add missing async/await syntax to the release script.
    * - Add a temporary flag to the eslint task, to prevent the error on not finding the 'mjs' files in the 'scripts' directory. (to be fixed in a future task).
    - Update the package-lock.
    * Modify the 'run-all' script with the yargs array parser.
    * - Modify the eslint rules for importing in the scripts directory.
    - Modify the targeted tests script.
    * Correct the targeted testing script.
    * - Force the targeting script to build all versions of handsontable (as there's no way to know what other projects might want to import).
    - Move the symlink creation to postbuild.
    * - Get rid of all '.then()' calls in favor of async/await.
    - Get rid of all eslint-disabling comments in favor of a eslint exceptions for the 'scripts' directory.
    - Correct the targeted tests script to accept commits with no projects changed.
    - Extend yargs config for the targeted tests script.
    * Update scripts/run-targeted-tests.mjs
    Co-authored-by: NKrzysztof Budnik <571316+budnix@users.noreply.github.com>
    * - Rename the wrappers' directories to their framework name.
    - Apply the post-CR suggestions.
    * Update with a fresh package-lock.
    * Update scripts/swap-package-links.mjs
    Co-authored-by: NWojciech Czerniak <wojciech.czerniak@gmail.com>
    * Update with a fresh package-lock.
    * Revert an unwanted output file changes for the minified wrapper versions.
    * - Change the isTTY functionality for changelog generation.
    - Modify the spawnProcess helper.
    * - Remove '??=' for the codesandbox CI, so its node 14 would not throw any errors.
    * Correct the spawnProcess helper.
    Co-authored-by: NKrzysztof Budnik <571316+budnix@users.noreply.github.com>
    Co-authored-by: NWojciech Czerniak <wojciech.czerniak@gmail.com>
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