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      Improved documentation and TS definitions for colWidths and rowHeights options (#7524) · b7574dc8
      Piotr Laszczkowski 提交于
      * Update typescript types in order to allow undefined for colWidths. (#7523)
      * Adjusted TS definition and JSDoc for colWidths and rowHeights #7507
      * Fixed: lint error #7507
      * Added: changelog file entry #7507
      * Apply suggestions from code review
      Co-authored-by: NOskar Kowalów <33433795+Osky772@users.noreply.github.com>
      * Removes unnecessary quote chars from changelog file.
      Co-authored-by: NSam <samir.hadzic.pro@gmail.com>
      Co-authored-by: NOskar Kowalów <33433795+Osky772@users.noreply.github.com>
    • J
      Monorepo Phase 2 (#7434) · 8b600db1
      Jan Siegel 提交于
      * - Move the wrappers:
        i. @handsontable/angular
        ii. @handsontable/react
        iii. @handsontable/vue
       to the './wrappers/' subdirectory,
      - Configure npm workspaces for the wrappers,
      - Add a link to the root directory under './packages/handsontable', because of an issue with generating 'package-lock.json',
      - Add scripts for:
        i. running commands on specific projects
        ii. running commands for all projects
        iii. recognizing the context for running tests only for specific projects
      - Add the config for Codesandbox CI,
      - Update some of the dependencies, to be compatible with npm@7's auto-installing peerDependencies,
      - Modify and/or create issue templates, PR templates and other content,
      - Update urls to the wrappers in READMEs,
      - Add (and temporarily disable) new eslint options.
      * - Update the CONTRIBUTING file.
      - Modify the packages' dependencies to fix npm audit errors.
      * Clean up the helper scripts. #7380
      * Update package-lock #7380
      * - Add a version-bumping script
      - Add a first version of the release-scheduling script (will be extended with bundle verification etc)
      * [WIP]
      - add some dependency adjustment, needed after introducing the monorepo,
      - rearrange and refactor the helper scripts,
      - add a build verification script,
      - add a cleaning script,
      - add a "freeze" script,
      - update the versioning script.
      * [WIP]
      - Unify the typescript version across the packages.
      - Clean up some of the unused dependencies.
      - Bump some versions to be compatible with the typescript version.
      - Bump the angular version to 9 (along with some of the dependencies) in the angular wrapper + disable Ivy for compatibility.
      * [WIP]
      - Add npm scripts for freezing, releasing and publishing + unify their naming between the packages.
      - Rename the scripts from camelCase to kebab-case.
      - Modify the freezing script with the commit/push functionality, along with some fixes.
      - Add a release script.
      - Modify the angular wrapper's version static to make it work with older TS versions, after changing its' dependency from Angular 8 to Angular 9.
      - Modify the GH actions config to use Node 15 instead of 12.
      * Add project aliases to the 'delegate-command' script.
      * Add a script for aliasing the symlinks for the internal packages in node_modules.
      * - Update the 'eslint-plugin-import' package (will need to be updated in the future)
      - Remove the wrapper entries from the codesandbox config (temporarily)
      - Add a safenet to the release script to prevent accidental release pushes to master (the --push argument)
      - Add a script to re-link local packages in node_modules (needed after the modularization merge)
      - Add a eslint-disabling comment to one of the files (bug in the eslint-plugin-import package)
      * Update the node_modules link swapping script.
      * - Make the linter script run the lint command to all packages (if the script exists).
      - Simplify some scripts.
      - Add the changelog entry.
      - Correct the codesandbox ci script, to (temporarily) build only handsontable.
      * - Rearrange the package.json structure for better readability.
      - Add a forced handsontable build in the targeted test script.
      - Add an error message in the node_modules linking script.
      * - Move the link-swapping script to postbuild:es.
      - Refresh package-lock.
      - Fix the delegate-command script.
      * - Rewrite the scripts to esm and rearrange their structure,
      - Add 'semver' package
      - Utilize 'execa' package
      - Modify the 'repository' entries in the wrappers package.jsons
      * Post-CR updates
      * Change the Node version to 15 in the changelog script.
      * Set the node version of Codesandbox CI to 14.
      * - Extend the test-targeting script with pipeline handling.
      - Extend the run-all script with an exclude option.
      - Clean up ther scripts.
      * Fix a problem with the run-all script.
      * - Switch to rimraf.sync in the node_modules cleaning script
      - Minor fixes in the monorepo scripts
      * Fix a potential error with react and vue builds.
      * Add a .nvmrc file.
      * Apply suggestions from code review
      Co-authored-by: NKrzysztof Budnik <571316+budnix@users.noreply.github.com>
      * Update wrappers/angular-handsontable/README.md
      Co-authored-by: NKrzysztof Budnik <571316+budnix@users.noreply.github.com>
      * Rewrite the `prepare-package-for-publish` script to mjs.
      * Apply suggestions from code review
      Co-authored-by: NKrzysztof Budnik <571316+budnix@users.noreply.github.com>
      * Modify the package-linking script.
      * - Remove all 'require's from the scripts in favor of '--experimental-json-modules'.
      - Get rid of callbacks in the execa helper in favor of promises.
      - Clean up some code.
      * - Add missing flags to the package.json scripts.
      - Apple post-CR suggestions.
      * Apply suggestions from code review
      Co-authored-by: NKrzysztof Budnik <571316+budnix@users.noreply.github.com>
      * Update wrappers/angular-handsontable/package.json
      Co-authored-by: NKrzysztof Budnik <571316+budnix@users.noreply.github.com>
      * Update scripts/verify-bundles.mjs
      Co-authored-by: NKrzysztof Budnik <571316+budnix@users.noreply.github.com>
      * Update scripts/verify-bundles.mjs
      Co-authored-by: NKrzysztof Budnik <571316+budnix@users.noreply.github.com>
      * Add missing async/await syntax to the release script.
      * - Add a temporary flag to the eslint task, to prevent the error on not finding the 'mjs' files in the 'scripts' directory. (to be fixed in a future task).
      - Update the package-lock.
      * Modify the 'run-all' script with the yargs array parser.
      * - Modify the eslint rules for importing in the scripts directory.
      - Modify the targeted tests script.
      * Correct the targeted testing script.
      * - Force the targeting script to build all versions of handsontable (as there's no way to know what other projects might want to import).
      - Move the symlink creation to postbuild.
      * - Get rid of all '.then()' calls in favor of async/await.
      - Get rid of all eslint-disabling comments in favor of a eslint exceptions for the 'scripts' directory.
      - Correct the targeted tests script to accept commits with no projects changed.
      - Extend yargs config for the targeted tests script.
      * Update scripts/run-targeted-tests.mjs
      Co-authored-by: NKrzysztof Budnik <571316+budnix@users.noreply.github.com>
      * - Rename the wrappers' directories to their framework name.
      - Apply the post-CR suggestions.
      * Update with a fresh package-lock.
      * Update scripts/swap-package-links.mjs
      Co-authored-by: NWojciech Czerniak <wojciech.czerniak@gmail.com>
      * Update with a fresh package-lock.
      * Revert an unwanted output file changes for the minified wrapper versions.
      * - Change the isTTY functionality for changelog generation.
      - Modify the spawnProcess helper.
      * - Remove '??=' for the codesandbox CI, so its node 14 would not throw any errors.
      * Correct the spawnProcess helper.
      Co-authored-by: NKrzysztof Budnik <571316+budnix@users.noreply.github.com>
      Co-authored-by: NWojciech Czerniak <wojciech.czerniak@gmail.com>
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    • K
      Add custom ESLint rule for restricted module (#7506) · 9368c302
      Krzysztof Budnik 提交于
      Since the Handsontable was modularized, there are some modules that act as
      public API. Importing the main entry of the module can make the "dead" code
      elimination process more difficult (especially in older bundlers such as
      Webpack3 or in some cases Webpack4). So, to prevent that and to catch developer
      mistakes as soon as possible, the custom ESLint rule is added.
      I tried using build-in no-restricted-imports rule and rules from the
      eslint-plugin-import package but without success. The general problem with that
      rules was that it was impossible to restrict import/export modules e.q. from
      '../plugins' but at the same time allow import from submodules e.q.
      I think the most promising rules are in the eslint-plugin-import however while
      playing a little bit with that I saw that the error message can not be
      customized. Which I think is important for this rule because the "mistake" is
      syntactically correct in the context of JavaScript code but in our case, it
      generates side-effects that require explanation.
      The ESLint doesn't support adding rules or plugins inline into the config file
      (the plugin package has to be published). That's why after the NPM install the
      plugin is linked. The script is added to the "postinstall" hook.
      Additionally, I spotted that the plugins directory was not added to the lining
      process. I updated the script and fixes all issues within the files.
      Issue: #7473
      Co-authored-by: NMaciek Łaszcz <nikersify@nikerino.com>
    • J
      Revert "Change the Handsontable logo for README.md." · 6af533db
      Jan Siegel 提交于
      This reverts commit c3d64bab.
    • J
      Change the Handsontable logo for README.md. (#7521) · 2efdc43c
      Jan Siegel 提交于
      * Change the Handsontable logo for README.md.
      * Update the README.md Handsontable svg logo.
      * Add a missing xml tag to the handsontable logo svg.
    • J
      Change the Handsontable logo for README.md. · c3d64bab
      Jan Siegel 提交于
    • J
      8.3.1 · af2eda5f
      Jan Siegel 提交于
    • K
      Mark CSS files as non side-effect modules (#7518) · 509cb889
      Krzysztof Budnik 提交于
      The PR fixes an issue where the imported CSS files are eliminated during the
      tree-shaking process. The CSS files are added to the "sideEffects" property.
      This marks the files as non side-effect-free.
      Issue: #7516
    • K
      Mark CSS files as non side-effect modules (#7518) · 850c40de
      Krzysztof Budnik 提交于
      The PR fixes an issue where the imported CSS files are eliminated during the
      tree-shaking process. The CSS files are added to the "sideEffects" property.
      This marks the files as non side-effect-free.
      Issue: #7516