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  3. 01 10月, 2020 1 次提交
    • A
      Speed improvements + code cleanup (#708) · 56eb7a08
      Andre Asselin 提交于
      * Document the data structures used by videospeed
      * Remove getController() (and the performance impact of scanning the whole document to find the controller DIV)
      * Remove vscid, now that we don't need it anymore to tie the videoController, the Controller's wrapping DIV, and the A/V element together
      * Save all AUDIO/VIDEO DOM elements that we attach to in a global array so that we don't have to call the (very slow) getShadow() on keydown and when we run any action
      * Remove 2 unnecessary querySelectorAll's when video is played/seeked
      * Remove unnecessary checks to see if we have a controller for an A/V element (left over from when we had to search for it).
      * Remove 1st parameter from setSpeed() -- we can get it's value from the A/V element passed in
      * Remove 2nd parameter from resetSpeed(), now that it's not used any more
      * Remove unused parameters from runAction() and muted()
      * Remove "document" property from videoController instance (only used once, in a non-performance path)
      * Remove an call to querySelector() when updating the speed indicator
      * Remove unnecessary 2nd parameter from handleDrag()
      * Simplify logic on showController()
      * Remove forEach.call's - NodeList has a forEach() method
      * Remove .id from the videoController (unused now)
      * Add a check in updateSpeedFromEvent() to skip an A/V element if it doesn't have a video controller attached to it
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    • V
      affects #659 and #626 to allow a new option to force apply prefered speed (#661) · 4eee3d68
      Van Bui 提交于
      What has been done?
      - introduced a new setting that allows video speed to force apply the
      preferred speed on video players.
         - this is a fix/workaround for video players that reapply their native speed
         settings over video speed, even when the preferred speed setting is
         enabled.  This also applies to instances where the speed would be
         reset due to the native video player emiting their native speed on
         media events like seek, pause, play and buffering instances.
  6. 16 9月, 2020 1 次提交
    • N
      Design update (revised) (#705) · 9f059936
      Nick 提交于
      * Small design update
      - Rounded borders
      - Adjusted button padding
      - Added transition animation when hovering over button
      * Minor visual adjustments
      - Changed "slower" symbol from "-" to minus symbol
      - Changed "faster" symbol from "+" to plus symbol
      - Changed "hideButton" symbol from "X" to times symbol
      - Transition animation for button hover made quicker
      - Adjusted padding of buttons to make them circles
      - When button clicked (active), text symbol becomes bold
      - Default font for controller speed numbers changed to sans-serif
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    • M
      Affects #626 · 6576c1b0
      MajinBui 提交于
      What has been done?
      - Added an event listener for seeked video events and mirrors the
      actions of a play event
      - Overlay will now update when keypress speed changes are detected
      - When the VideoSpeed controller isn't found, the extension will now
      look for it in the video element as well as fallback
      Why has this been done?
      - Kaltura videos act differently in a few cases.  On seek events, a play
      event is not emiited. On speed change events, a rateChange event is not
      emitted.  Because of this, it causes the overlay not to update on
      keypress or seek events.
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    • C
      Fixing #609 · 44fda63a
      cristiancundari 提交于
    • G
      Update options.html · c6fbdc70
      Gitoffthelawn 提交于
      Thank you for the great extension.  Here are some improvements to the Options page.
    • G
      Options JavaScript Improvements · 92c004f1
      Gitoffthelawn 提交于
      1. Remove blank line in exceptions list
      2. Remove deprecated website (vine.co)
      3. Grammatical consistency
    • G
      Manifest Improvements · 66cd77f5
      Gitoffthelawn 提交于
      1) Removed deprecated URL.
         a. That old hitbox.tv URL does redirect somewhere else now.  Does that site need to be excluded?
         b. Why are sites excluded here vs. being added to the default exclusions list in Options?
      2) Shortened description and added "audio" to reflect new functionality
      3) The Firefox fork of this extension benefits from adding:
           "options_ui": {
               "page": "options.html"
      Would it hurt to add that to this manifest too?
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