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    Deals with item 3 of #330. (#331) · 275088ea
    Aaron Lichtman 提交于
    * Stripped trailing whitespace, added OSS badge to Chromium, added Tor Browser
    * Added Lockdown under Security Tools
    * Added htop to Command Line section, fixed Chromium and TorBrowser links, added open-source link to Firefox
    * Added MalwareBytes to Security Tools
    * Added CLion
    * Added Signal for Desktop and Riot
    * Alphebetized Text Editors
    * Alphebetized IDEs
    * Alphebetized Development Tools
    * Alphebetized Regex Editors
    * Alphebetized Test Tools
    * Alphebetized CLI tools and removed duplicate Hyper entry
    * Alphebetized Version Control GUIs
    * Alphebetized Version Control Managers
    * Alphebetized Remote Login Software, System Related Tools, Qual of Life, Databases
    * Alphebetized Communication and VMs
    * Alphebetized email and Data Recovery Tools
    * Alphebetized Frameworks, FTP, Ebooks
    * Alphebetize Online Storage and Download Management Tools
    * Alphebetized Browsers, Translation tools, Security tools
    * Assorted alphebetization
    * Alphabetize Third Party Markets, WM, Productivity, General Tools
    * More alphabetization
    * Added Contributing.md
    * Added CC0 License
    * Removed all leading [A/An]s and rephrased some descriptions. Added icons where needed and removed a duplicate
    * Update from master
    * Removed leading [A/An]s, rephrased decsriptions, added badges, added a CLI tool
    * Phrasing
    * phrasing
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