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    Move from glog to klog · a508a6c0
    Davanum Srinivas 提交于
    - Move from the old github.com/golang/glog to k8s.io/klog
    - klog as explicit InitFlags() so we add them as necessary
    - we update the other repositories that we vendor that made a similar
    change from glog to klog
      * github.com/kubernetes/repo-infra
      * k8s.io/gengo/
      * k8s.io/kube-openapi/
      * github.com/google/cadvisor
    - Entirely remove all references to glog
    - Fix some tests by explicit InitFlags in their init() methods
    Change-Id: I92db545ff36fcec83afe98f550c9e630098b3135
    Kubernetes-commit: 954996e231074dc7429f7be1256a579bedd8344c
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