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version: 2
- image: circleci/rust:stretch
resource_class: xlarge
- checkout
- run:
name: Version Information
command: rustc --version; cargo --version; rustup --version
- run:
name: Install Dependencies
command: |
sudo sh -c 'echo "deb stretch-backports main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/backports.list'
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y protobuf-compiler/stretch-backports cmake golang curl
sudo apt-get clean
sudo rm -r /var/lib/apt/lists/*
rustup component add clippy rustfmt
- run:
name: Setup Env
command: |
echo 'export TAG=0.1.${CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM}' >> $BASH_ENV
echo 'export IMAGE_NAME=myapp' >> $BASH_ENV
- run:
name: Linting
command: |
cargo fmt -- --check
- run:
name: Build All Targets
command: RUST_BACKTRACE=1 cargo build -j 16 --all --all-targets
- run:
name: Run All Unit Tests
command: cargo test --all --exclude testsuite
- run:
name: Run All End to End Tests
command: RUST_TEST_THREADS=2 cargo test --package testsuite
# Ensure that text files that any contributor introduces to the repository
# have their line endings normalized to LF
* text=auto
# All known text filetypes
*.md text
*.proto text
*.rs text
*.sh text eol=lf
*.toml text
*.txt text
*.yml text
name: "\U0001F41B Bug report"
about: Create a bug report to help improve Libra Core
title: "[Bug]"
labels: bug
assignees: ''
# 🐛 Bug
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## To reproduce
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name: "\U0001F680 Feature request"
about: Suggest a new feature in Libra Core
title: "[Feature Request]"
labels: enhancement
assignees: ''
# 🚀 Feature Request
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name: ❓ Questions/Help
about: If you have questions, please check Discourse
## ❓ Questions and Help
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Please contact the development team on [Discourse](
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# Rust specific ignores
# Cargo.lock is needed for deterministic testing and repeatable builds.
# Having it in the repo slows down development cycle.
# More information here