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HttpCanary is a powerful network analysis tool for the Android platform. It supports multiple protocols such as TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTP2, HTTPS and WebSocket.

The application can be download from Google Play.

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  • No root requirement, will not affect network usage.
  • Supports protocols like HTTP1.0, HTTP1.1, HTTP2, HTTPS and WebSocket.
  • Supports modification and injection of capture data, you can intercept the packets and modify them.
  • Supports repeat and compose requests.
  • Supports filtering and searching for packet capture records, as well as setting the specified app and Host/IP.
  • Contains Raw, Hex, Text, Header, JSON and many other viewers.
  • Automatic decode data like gzip, deflate, chunked.
  • Supports for previewing URL, JSON, form, image, audio, cookie, set-cookie, and many other data types.
  • Supports for saving request and response data to a file or adding to favorite.
  • Supports WebSocket real-time preview.
  • Supports sharing of request and response data, and open shared file with HttpCanary.
  • Supports blocking request and response.

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