Release 0.66

0.66.0 - 2015/09/22 LAV Splitter

  • NEW: Added options to increase the queue size for increased buffering
  • Changed: Switched ASF/WMV demuxing to a new demuxer from Libav
  • Fixed: Improved seeking with MPEG-TS files which contain teletext streams

LAV Video

  • NEW: Support for DXVA2-Native decoding of HEVC 10-bit with EVR on supported GPUs
  • Changed: 4K Video Decoding on AMD graphics card is now enabled (needs recent drivers to work properly)
  • Changed: DXVA2-CB decoding uses less memory on NVIDIA graphics cards
  • Fixed: H264 DXVA2 decoding failed when no SPS/PPS was available in the media type
  • Fixed: Conversion of RGB48 to RGB32/24 did not properly use dithering
  • Fixed: Improved handling of a few DVD menu quirks
  • Fixed: Decoding 10-bit video with EVR could result in a black screen

LAV Audio

  • Changed: 5.1 audio favors the "Side" 5.1 layout, which conforms to modern surround standards


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