Release 0.68

0.68.0 - 2016/03/08 LAV Splitter

  • NEW: H.264 MVC 3D demuxing from MKV 3D, Blu-ray discs and Blu-ray SSIF files
  • Fixed: The bitdepth of DTS-HD MA streams is reported properly in the stream information

LAV Video

  • NEW: H.264 MVC 3D decoding (requires madVR 0.90 or newer)
  • NEW: HEVC HDR streams export the HDR metadata to the video renderer (requires madVR 0.89.18 or newer)
  • NEW: VP9 DXVA2 Hardware Acceleration
  • NEW: Weston Three Field Deinterlacing filter (w3fdif)
  • NEW: Ability to choose which GPU is used for DXVA2-CopyBack decoding
  • Changed: Removed the CUVID HQ processing option, it is now automatically used when appropriate
  • Fixed: CUVID would crash when playing certain HEVC files
  • Fixed: Some pixel format conversions were much slower than expected
  • Fixed: Pixel Format changes mid-stream were not re-negotiated with the renderer in all cases
  • Fixed: Changes in the framerate due to software deinterlacing are properly reflected in the media type

LAV Audio

  • Fixed: Increased PCM buffering to avoid stuttering with TrueHD on some audio devices


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