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0.74.0 - 2019/03/16 LAV Splitter

  • Changed: Using GnuTLS for HTTPS and other TLS protocols, improving performance and compatibility with a lot of web streaming services (ie. YouTube Live Streams through youtube-dl, and more)
  • Fixed: Keyframes in MP4 files were being reported with a slightly offset timestamp, resulting in slow keyframe seeking
  • Fixed: Subtitles that stretch over chapter boundaries could be lost in Ordered Chapter MKV files
  • Fixed: Fonts embedded in MKVs without a proper mimetype were not being imported (now it checks the file extensions for .ttf/.otf as well)

LAV Video

  • NEW: Initial support for parsing HDR10+ (SMPTE ST 2094-40) metadata, and passing it to the video renderer
  • NEW: Using the dav1d AV1 decoder for significantly improved AV1 decoding performance
  • Changed: Re-enabled experimental hardware acceleration for H.264 MVC 3D decoding on Intel GPUs, disabled by default
  • Changed: Updated Intel MediaSDK dispatchers to the latest Media SDK, fixing compatibility with newer runtimes in the Intel DCH drivers
  • Changed: Improved support for additional UtVideo subtypes

LAV Audio

  • Changed: Added an option to disable the PCM fallback when bitstreaming is requested
  • Fixed: Further improvements to TrueHD Bitstreaming, resolving glitching on more new titles (particularly seamless branching titles)
  • Fixed: Automatic fallback from bitstreaming to PCM could crash in some situations


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