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      Change build log to always log the most recent input mtime · 67fbbeee
      John Drouhard 提交于
      If an edge's output files' mtimes are compared to the most recent
      input's mtime, edges might be calculated as clean even if they are
      actually dirty. While an edge's command is running its rule to produce
      its outputs and an input to the edge is updated before the outputs are
      written to disk, then subsequent runs will think that the outputs are
      newer than the inputs, even though the inputs have actually been updated
      and may be different than what were used to produce those outputs.
      Ninja will now restat all inputs just prior to running an edge's command
      and remember the most recent input mtime. When the command completes,
      it will stat any discovered dependencies from dep files (if necessary),
      recalculate the most recent input mtime, and log it to the build log
      file. On subsequent runs, ninja will use this value to compare to the
      edge's most recent input's mtime to determine whether the outputs are
      This extends the methodology used by restat rules to work in all cases.
      Restat rules are still unique in that they will clean the edge's output
      nodes recursively if the edge's command did not change the output, but
      in all cases, the mtime recorded in the log file is now the most recent
      input mtime. See the new tests for more clarification.
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      wincodepage: minimize to indicate UTF-8 or not · a510f532
      Brad King 提交于
      The ANSI code page identifier is more information than generator
      programs actually need.  The encoding of `build.ninja` is always
      either UTF-8 or the system-wide ANSI code page.  Reduce the output
      to provide no more information than the generator programs need.
      The Console code page can be obtained in other ways, so drop it.
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      Add tool to print code page information on Windows · 706e16be
      Brad King 提交于
      Since commit 00459e2b (Use UTF-8 on Windows 10 Version 1903, fix #1195,
      2021-02-17), `ninja` does not always expect `build.ninja` to be encoded
      in the system's ANSI code page.  The expected encoding now depends on
      how `ninja` is built and the version of Windows on which it is running.
      Add a `-t wincodepage` tool that generators can use to ask `ninja`
      what encoding it expects.
      Issue: #1195
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      doc: fix format of 'missingdeps' documentation · 212cd976
      Brad King 提交于
      Group all the paragraphs together in the definition list entry.
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