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      Eus channelfix (#1583) · 058777ea
      Jason Follas 提交于
      Squashed commits included:
      Bug fixes and final implementation
      - Added Content-Length: 0 to all headers
      - Endpoint name checks not using trailing space so cache-busting techniques can be used (i.e., append a nonce to the URL)
      - Track when connecting so APList scan doesn't take place during (which changes the channel)
      - More debugging output added to assist in tracking down some issues
      Added /status.json endpoint for phone apps/XHR to get JSON response
      Station Status caching for wifi channel workaround + AJAX/CORS
      - During checkstation poll, cache the last station status
      - Shut down the station if status = 2,3,4 and channel is different than SoftAP
      - Add Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * to endpoint responses used by a service
      - Add a /setwifi GET endpoint for phone apps/XHR to use (same parameters as /update endpoint). Returns a JSON response containing chip id and status code.
      - Add handler for OPTIONS verb (needed for CORS support)
      Wi-Fi Channel Issue Workaround
      - Do a site survey upon startup, set SoftAP channel to the strongest rssi's channel
      - Compare successful station connect channel to SoftAP's. If different, then defer the Lua success callback to the end. Shut down Station and start the SoftAP back up with original channel.
      - After the 10 second shutdown timer fires, check to see if success callback was already called. If not, then call it while starting the Station back up.
      HTTP Response and DNS enhancements
      - If DNS's UDP buffer fills up, keep going as non-fatal. It's UDP and not guaranteed anyways. I've seen this occur when connecting a PC to the SoftAP and every open program tries to phone home at the same time, overwhelming the EUS DNS server.
      - Support for detecting/handling pre-gzipped `enduser_setup.html` (and `http_html_backup`) payload. Nice for keeping the size of the `state->http_payload_data` as small as possible (also makes minimization not as critical)
      - Corrected misuse of HTTP 401 response status (changed one occurrence to 400/Bad Request, and changed another to 405/Method Not Allowed)
      * Normalized formatting (tabs-to-spaces)
      * Added documentation
      * Corrected misuse of strlen for binary (gzip) data.
      * Added NULL check after malloc
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      Implement object model for files (#1532) · a0e2e0ca
      Arnim Läuger 提交于
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      Make the MQTT PING functionality work better. (#1557) · b74a9dbd
      Philip Gladstone 提交于
      Deal with flow control stopped case
  22. 07 11月, 2016 1 次提交
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      Update to the wifi module (#1497) · 73773fd8
      dnc40085 提交于
      * Removed inline documentation for several functions and update comments
      Since documentation is now part of the repository, the inline
      documentation just adds to the already huge wifi.c
      * Wifi module: add new functionality, update documentation
      Functions Added:
      wifi.getdefaultmode(): returns default wifi opmode
      wifi.sta.apchange(): select alternate cached AP
      wifi.sta.apinfo(): get cached AP list 
      wifi.sta.aplimit(): set cached AP limit
      wifi.sta.getapindex(): get index of currently configured AP
      wifi.sta.getdefaultconfig(): get default station configuration
      wifi.ap.getdefaultconfig(): get default AP configuration
      functions modified:
      wifi.setmode: saving mode to flash is now optional
      wifi.sta.config: now accepts table as an argument and save config to
      flash is now optional
      wifi.sta.getconfig: added option to return table
      wifi.ap.config: save config to flash is now optional
      wifi.ap.getconfig: added option to return table
      Documentation changes:
      - Modified documentation to reflect above changes
      - Removed unnecessary inline documentation from `wifi.c` 
      - Updated documentation for `wifi.sta.disconnect`to address issue #1480 
      - Fixed inaccurate documentation for function `wifi.sleeptype`
      - Added more details to `wifi.nullmodesleep()`
      * Move function `wifi.sleeptype()` to `wifi.sta.sleeptype()`
      * Fixed problem where wifi.x.getconfig() returned invalid strings when
      ssid or password were set to maximum length.
      * fix error in documentation for `wifi.sta.getapindex`
      * Renamed some wifi functions
      wifi.sta.apinfo -> getapinfo
      wifi.sta.aplimit -> setaplimit 
      wifi.sta.apchange -> changeap
      also organized the wifi_station_map array
  23. 05 11月, 2016 1 次提交
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      Add support to mix ws2812.buffer objects. (#1575) · 77b2e85d
      Philip Gladstone 提交于
      * Add load/dump/mix/power operations on the buffer object
      * Calculate the pixel value in mix and then clip to the range.
      * Fixed the two wrong userdata types
      * Added a couple more useful methods
      * Add support for shifting a piece of the buffer.
      * Fix a minor bug with offset shifts
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