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    • L
      Merge pull request #1714 from ethantang95/pr-request-2 · 016d7c08
      Luke Yeager 提交于
      Tensorflow support for DIGITS
    • E
    • E
      Modifications with respect to pull request comments and testing · 7092833e
      Ethan Tang 提交于
      changes wrt to PR comments
      Updated version number
      updated version number to 6.0
      changed version number to proper format
      updated manifest to fix bug 200328271
      fixed typo in build tensorflow doc for bug 200328296
      changes WRT PR comments
      changes WRT PR comments
      accidentally added test result file
      removed dependency to the tensorflow environment variable
      changed from 'python' to using sys.executable
      changing version back to 5.1-dev for travis
      whitespace fixes
      white space changes
      replaced the tensorflow networks with slim models
      Removed tests referencing lenet slim
    • E
      Preparing Tensorflow branch for upstream merge · 7a2c3a2c
      Ethan Tang 提交于
      some small tidying
      changes WRT to pull request
      lint fixes
      re-enabled disabled tests
      changes WRT pull request comments
      Travis bug fixes
      Testing a patch
      fixed travis bugs
    • G
      Adding GAN support to TF branch · e1420baa
      Greg Heinrich 提交于
      bAbI data plug-in
      Add utils
      Add inference form to bAbI dataset
      Allow inference without answer
      Allow unknown words in BaBI data plug-in
      Fix bAbI plugin Lint errors
      Tensorflow integration updates
      Use TFRecords for TF inference
      TF: Don't rescale inputs
      Fix some TF classification tests
      Remove unnecessary print
      Fix TF imports when uninstalled
      Fix mean image scale
      Fix generic model tests
      Fix Torch single image inference
      Fix inference
      TMP TF Lint
      Revert changes in digits-lint script
      Lint: ignore tensorflow standard examples
      More Lint fixes
      Add gradient hook
      Add memn2n model
      Update memn2n with gradient hooks
      GAN example
      Make batch size variable
      Training/inference paths
      Small update to TF 0.12
      Snapshot names, float inference, restore all vars
      Do not restore global_step or optimizer variables
      Add TB link
      Update GAN network
      Dynamically select inference form
      TF inference: convert images to float
      Update GAN z-gen network
      Small Update model view layout
      Add GAN plug-ins
      Update GAN plug-in to create CelebA dataset
      Add ability to show input in ImageOutput extension
      Add all data to raw data view extension
      Add model for CelebA dataset
      Update GAN data plug-in
      Update all losses in one session
      Remove conversion to .png in GAN data plug-in
      TF Slim Lenet example
      Divide input by 255
      Update GAN data plug-in
      Fix TF model snapshot
      Reduce scheduler delays to speed up inference
      Update GAN plugins
      Fix TF tests
      Add API to LmdbReader (used by gan_features.py)
      Save animated gif
      Add GAN walk-through
      Update GAN walkthrough with embeddings video
      Fix GAN view for list encoding
      Add animation task to GAN plugins
      Add view task to see image attributes
      Add comments to GAN models
      Update README
      Fix GAN features script
      GAN app
      Fix DIGITS inference
      Adjust GAN window size automatically
      Add attributes to GAN app
      Move gandisplay.py
      Remove wxpython 3.0 selection
      Fix call to model
      Adding disclaimer
    • T
      Basic Tensorflow Support · 129acd18
      Tim Zaman 提交于
      Added some initial tf tools
      Implemented UI
      Fixes for tensorflow 0.10
      Removed tf-slim as its not part of the 0.10 master
      Added the lmdb reader with a tf.cond that needs replacement
      Implemented train and val seperation with a templating
      Fixed issue with dequeueing both runners by pulling both graphs
      Implemented training and validation rythm
      Added support for both png and jpg and added 16 bit support
      Implemented mean subtraction - but needs rework to load as constant
      Added an optimized implementation of mean subtraction
      Further optimized the mean loading by using a shared constant
      Wrapped the data loader in a factory to easily support more data types
      Implemented cropping
      Implemented floating point support. Implemented seperate LMDB database. Implemented regression support. Added some brief nosetests. Need to invoke accuracy only on classification though.
      Implemented variable restoration. Needs thorough testing
      Implemented inferencing, not entirely polished
      Moved some code into functions, started on modularization a bit
      Implemented digits custom helper functions
      Implemented custom printing ops
      Implemented autoencoder
      total rewrite of summaries
      Implemented output to console from scalar summaries
      Fixes for summary outputs: only simple scalar values are parsed to console
      Implemented binary segmentation and necessary fixes
      Some updates on binary seg
      Implemented all possible optimizers and started work on learning rate shaper
      Started work on the lr policies
      Fixes for learning_rates, implemented optimizers, tested variable summary output to UI
      Implemented and tested all learning rates and optimizers
      Introduces new model definition and improvements in loss handling and graph layout
      Major refactoring of main code. Implemented new model description. Implemented and tested inferencing. Implemented and tested weight/snapshot loading.
      All-round minor updates and fixes
      Fixes in summary cumulator and implemented an RNN model
      Fixes for mean subtraction in tf and tf-ui, implemented data order selection in image-view extension
      Implemented support for mean file of format: png, jpg, binaryproto - the latter being the fault that DIGITS will provide.
      Added support for runtime statistics and some allround fixes
      Added static tensorboard style network visualization for tensorflow. Added output of traces (no vis yet). Added a loader while waiting for network vis. Minor syntax cleanups.
      Implemented alexnet standard network
      Pulled in updates for travis build and added tensorflow install
      Added two more files for Mr Travis
      Implemented tensorflow configuration
      Added tf config to doc
      Fixes for ubuntu deployment of tf.
      Moved tf tools
      Fixes for tf ubuntu
      Fixes for tf ubuntu
      Some fixes and updates for TF in Travis
      Fix in network viz test
      Implemented default sinlge-gpu support and some nosetests
      Fixes for inference
      Added siamese network, bugfixes, minor features, some utility tf functions
      Added siamese network and example png
      Better error-ui format for network viz
      Added an alternative simpler siamese network that doesnt need a seperate db, minor error update
      Preliminary version of hdf5 implemented
      Implemented fine-tuning by renaming variables
      Implemented visualisation of variables and the activations of the Ops they belong to.
      Fix in inf vis naming
      Fixes in visualualisation shapes and naming
      Implemented softmax upon classification
      Implemented all nosetests for tf classification, and many allround bugfixes
      Implemented generic nosetests - some need work
      Fix for travis to find python exe
      Implemented a better file format deducer, and implemented a bare minimal TFRecord-reader
      Added top_n accuracy shortcut
      Implemented on-line data augmentation for TF, 5 types. Some minor bugfixes. Need to do something with image whitening though during validation and inf..
      Added tensorflow data augmentation test
      Minor fixes and improvements from linter
      Implemented minimal and bare multigpu and fixes to get it running for greg
      Preliminary version of tfrecord writer for classification
      Some changes to optimize dataloading for tfr
      More fixes for tfrecrods
      Fix generic data loading
      Minor breaking changes but updates in namescoping
      Implemented new model structure. Improvements to multi-gpu handling. Updates to namespaces. Implemented accounting for regularization. Many allround updates
      Implemented proper visualisation for gpu devices
      Minor updates and converted alexnet and vgg16 to new format
      Fix in tfrecord shape
      WIP on timeline traces
      Finalized support for tensorflow timeline traces
      Fixed alexnet for tf
      Fix merge errors
      Minify tf-graph-basic.build.js