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    ENH: Refactor and enhance the CI testing infrastructure · a3c8e86c
    Hans Johnson 提交于
    1) Improve travis build script for use outside travis.
       Allow the script used for CI builds to also be used
       locally in a similar manner to the CI use of the scrips
    2) Add ctest compatible testing and CDASH support
       Report testing and building results to
       NOTE: The new ctest infrastructure is not yet robust on winodws
             Do no yet enable the new features for running test with ctest
             on windows platform.  The previous behaviors are maintainted,
             but enhance test reporting from windows is not yet supported.
    3) Add a cmake coverage testing option
       Ensure that cmake builds on linux are tested.
       Ensure that code coverage is reported.
    4) Move conditional environment checking into the matrix
       Avoid multiple places where conditional logic is used to
       change compiler behavior.  As more test environments are
       created fromt the travis.yml matrix, all settings should be
       obvious from that one location.
    5) Tests with known regressions from the jsonchecker are suppressed
        Tests that are known to pass with jsoncpp more lenient
        syntax enforcement are exluded from tests in test/runjsontests.py
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