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      Merge pull request #20392 from fpetrogalli:aarch64-semihosting · d29c7e78
      Francesco Petrogalli 提交于
      AArch64 semihosting
      * [ts] Disable filesystem support in the TS module.
      Because of this change, all the tests loading data will file, but tat
      least the core module can be tested with the following line:
          opencv_test_core --gtest_filter=-"*Core_InputOutput*:*Core_globbing.accuracy*"
      * [aarch64] Build OpenCV for AArch64 semihosting.
      This patch provide a toolchain file that allows to build the library
      for semihosting applications [1]. Minimal changes have been applied to
      the code to be able to compile with a baremetal toolchain.
      [1] https://developer.arm.com/documentation/100863/latest
      The option `CV_SEMIHOSTING` is used to guard the bits in the code that
      are specific to the target.
      To build the code:
          cmake ../opencv/ \
              -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../opencv/platforms/semihosting/aarch64-semihosting.toolchain.cmake \
              -DSEMIHOSTING_TOOLCHAIN_PATH=/path/to/baremetal-toolchain/bin/ \
              -DBUILD_EXAMPLES=ON -GNinja
      A barematel toolchain for targeting aarch64 semihosting can be found
      at [2], under `aarch64-none-elf`.
      [2] https://developer.arm.com/tools-and-software/open-source-software/developer-tools/gnu-toolchain/gnu-a/downloads
      The folder `samples/semihosting` provides two example semihosting
      The two binaries can be executed on the host platform with:
          qemu-aarch64 ./bin/example_semihosting_histogram
          qemu-aarch64 ./bin/example_semihosting_norm
      Similarly, the test and perf executables of the modules can be run
          qemu-aarch64 ./bin/opecv_[test|perf]_<module>
      Notice that filesystem support is disabled by the toolchain file,
      hence some of the test that depend on filesystem support will fail.
      * [semihosting] Remove blank like at the end of file. [NFC]
      The spurious blankline was reported by
      * [semihosting] Make the raw pixel file generation OS independent.
      Use the facilities provided by Cmake to generate the header file
      instead of a shell script, so that the build doesn't fail on systems
      that do not have a unix shell.
      * [semihosting] Rename variable for semihosting compilation.
      * [semihosting] Move the cmake configuration to a variable file.
      * [semihosting] Make the guard macro private for the core module.
      * [semihosting] Remove space. [NFC]
      * [semihosting] Improve comment with information about semihosting. [NFC]
      * [semihosting] Update license statement on top of sourvce file. [NFC]
      * [semihosting] Replace BM_SUFFIX with SEMIHOSTING_SUFFIX. [NFC]
      * [semihosting] Remove double space. [NFC]
      * [semihosting] Add some text output to the sample applications.
      * [semihosting] Remove duplicate entry in cmake configuration. [NFCI]
      * [semihosting] Replace `long` with `int` in sample apps. [NFCI]
      * [semihosting] Use `configure_file` to create the random pixels. [NFCI]
      * [semihosting][bugfix] Fix name of cmakedefine variable.
      * [semihosting][samples] Use CV_8UC1 for grayscale images. [NFCI]
      * [semihosting] Add readme file.
      * [semihosting] Remove blank like at the end of README. [NFC]
      This fixes the failure at
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