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    feat(api-key/backend): introducing support for api-key based auth EE-978 (#6079) · 69c17986
    zees-dev 提交于
    * feat(access-token): Multi-auth middleware support EE-1891 (#5936)
    * AnyAuth middleware initial implementation with tests
    * using mux.MiddlewareFunc instead of custom definition
    * removed redundant comments
    * - ExtractBearerToken bouncer func made private
    - changed helm token handling functionality to use jwt service to convert token to jwt string
    - updated tests
    - fixed helm list broken test due to missing token in request context
    * rename mwCheckAuthentication -> mwCheckJWTAuthentication
    * - introduce initial api-key auth support using X-API-KEY header
    - added tests to validate x-api-key request header presence
    * updated core mwAuthenticatedUser middleware to support multiple auth paradigms
    * - simplified anyAuth middleware
    - enforcing authmiddleware to implement verificationFunc interface
    - created tests for middleware
    * simplify bouncer
    Co-authored-by: NDmitry Salakhov <to@dimasalakhov.com>
    * feat(api-key): user-access-token generation endpoint EE-1889 EE-1888 EE-1895 (#6012)
    * user-access-token generation endpoint
    * fix comment
    * - introduction of apikey service
    - seperation of repository from service logic - called in handler
    * fixed tests
    * - fixed api key prefix
    - added tests
    * added another test for digest matching
    * updated swagger spec for access token creation
    * api key response returns raw key and struct - easing testability
    * test for api key prefix length
    * added another TODO to middleware
    * - api-key prefix rune -> string (rune does not auto-encode when response sent back to client)
    - digest -> pointer as we want to allow nil values and omit digest in responses (when nil)
    * - updated apikey struct
    - updated apikey service to support all common operations
    - updated apikey repo
    - integration of apikey service into bouncer
    - added test for all apikey service functions
    - boilerplate code for apikey service integration
    * - user access token generation tests
    - apiKeyLookup updated to support query params
    - added api-key tests for query params
    - added api-key tests for apiKeyLookup
    * get and remove access token handlers
    * get and remove access token handler tests
    * - delete user deletes all associated api keys
    - tests for this functionality
    * removed redundant []byte cast
    * automatic api-key eviction set within cache for 1 hour
    * fixed bug with loop var using final value
    * fixed service comment
    * ignore bolt error responses
    * case-insensitive query param check
    * simplified query var assignment
    * - added GetAPIKey func to get by unique id
    - updated DeleteAPIKey func to not require user ID
    - updated tests
    * GenerateRandomKey helper func from github.com/gorilla/securecookie moved to codebase
    * json response casing for api-keys fixed
    * updating api-key will update the cache
    * updated golang LRU cache
    * using hashicorps golang-LRU cache for api keys
    * simplified jwt check in create user access token
    * fixed api-key update logic on cache miss
    * Prefix generated api-keys with `ptr_` (#6067)
    * prefix api-keys with 'ptr_'
    * updated apikey description
    * refactor
    Co-authored-by: NDmitry Salakhov <to@dimasalakhov.com>
    * helm list test refactor
    * fixed user delete test
    * reduce test nil pointer errors
    * using correct http 201 created status code for token creation; updated tests
    * fixed swagger doc user id path param for user access token based endpoints
    * added api-key security openapi spec to existing jwt secured endpoints (#6091)
    * fixed flaky test
    * apikey datecreated and lastused attrs converted to unix timestamp
    * feat(user): added access token datatable. (#6124)
    * feat(user): added access token datatable.
    * feat(tokens): only display lastUsed time when it is not the default date
    * Update app/portainer/views/account/accountController.js
    Co-authored-by: Nzees-dev <63374656+zees-dev@users.noreply.github.com>
    * Update app/portainer/views/account/accountController.js
    Co-authored-by: Nzees-dev <63374656+zees-dev@users.noreply.github.com>
    * Update app/portainer/views/account/accountController.js
    Co-authored-by: Nzees-dev <63374656+zees-dev@users.noreply.github.com>
    * Update app/portainer/components/datatables/access-tokens-datatable/accessTokensDatatableController.js
    Co-authored-by: Nzees-dev <63374656+zees-dev@users.noreply.github.com>
    * Update app/portainer/services/api/userService.js
    Co-authored-by: Nzees-dev <63374656+zees-dev@users.noreply.github.com>
    * feat(improvements): proposed datatable improvements to speed up dev time (#6138)
    * modal code update
    * updated datatable filenames, updated controller to be default class export
    * fix(access-token): code improvement.
    Co-authored-by: Nzees-dev <63374656+zees-dev@users.noreply.github.com>
    * feat(apikeys): create access token view initial implementation EE-1886 (#6129)
    * CopyButton implementation
    * Code component implementation
    * ToolTip component migration to another folder
    * TextTip component implementation - continued
    * form Heading component
    * Button component updated to be more dynamic
    * copybutton - small size
    * form control pass tip error
    * texttip small text
    * CreateAccessToken react feature initial implementation
    * create user access token angularjs view implementation
    * registration of CreateAccessToken component in AngularJS
    * user token generation API request moved to angular service, method passed down instead
    * consistent naming of access token operations; clustered similar code together
    * any user can add access token
    * create access token page routing
    * moved code component to the correct location
    * removed isadmin check as all functionality applicable to all users
    * create access token angular view moved up a level
    * fixed PR issues, updated PR
    * addressed PR issues/improvements
    * explicit hr for horizontal line
    * fixed merge conflict storybook build breaking
    * - apikey test
    - cache test
    * addressed testing issues:
    - description validations
    - remove token description link on table
    * fix(api-keys): user role change evicts user keys in cache EE-2113 (#6168)
    * user role change evicts user api keys in cache
    * EvictUserKeyCache -> InvalidateUserKeyCache
    * godoc for InvalidateUserKeyCache func
    * additional test line
    * disable add access token button after adding token to prevent spam
    Co-authored-by: NDmitry Salakhov <to@dimasalakhov.com>
    Co-authored-by: Nfhanportainer <79428273+fhanportainer@users.noreply.github.com>
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