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    2018年12月16日,360移动性能开放日邀您参加,届时将会有360、美团技术大牛为大家分享Android、iOS性能监控实践。 欢迎报名参加,戳戳戳!!!-->

    RePlugin —— A flexible, stable, easy-to-use Android Plug-in Framework

    RePlugin is a complete Android plug-in solution which is suitable for general use.


    It is major strengths are:

    • Extreme flexibility: Apps do not need to be upgraded to support new components, even brand new plug-ins.
    • Extraordinary stability: With only ONE hook (ClassLoader), NO BINDER HOOK. RePlugin’s Crash ratio is as low as Ten thousandth (0.01%). In addition, RePlugin is compatible with almost ALL Android ROMs in the market.
    • Rich features: RePlugin supports almost all features seamlessly as an installed application, including static Receiver, Task-Affinity, user-defined Theme, AppCompat, DataBinding, etc.
    • Easy integration: It takes only couple lines to access, whether plug-ins or main programs.
    • Mature management: RePlugin owns stable plug-in management solution which supports installation, upgrade, uninstallation and version management. Process communication, protocol versions and security check are also included.
    • Hundreds of millions support: RePlugin possesses hundreds of millions users from 360 MobileSafe. After more than three-year verification, we guarantee the solution that Apps use is the most stable and suitable.

    By the end of June 2017, RePlugin has already made some achievements:

    Feature Achievement
    Plug-in Number 103
    Ratio of plug-ins to applications 83%
    Version released pre year 596
    Crash 0.01%, Extraordinary stability
    First Release 2014

    At present, almost all Apps with hundreds of millions users from 360, and many mainstream third-party Apps, are using RePlugin solution.

    We support:

    Feature Description
    Components Activity, Service, Provider, Receiver(Including static)
    Not need to upgrade when brand a new Plug-in Supported
    Android Feature Supported almost all features
    TaskAffinity & Multi-Process Perfect supported!
    Support Plug-in Type Built-in (Only Two Step) and External(Download)
    Plug-in Coupling Binder, Class Loader, Resources, etc.
    Interprocess communication Sync, Async, Binder and Cross-plug-in broadcast
    User-Defined Theme & AppComat Supported
    DataBinding Supported
    Safety check when installed Supported
    Resources Solution Independent Resources + Context pass(No Adaptation ROM)
    Android Version API Level 9 (Android 2.3 and above)

    Our Vision

    Make RePlugin be used in all kinds of ordinary Apps; and provide stable, flexible, liberal plug-ins which adopt for both large and small projects.

    Latest features

    Solved the Android P (Android 9.0) related adaptation issues, fully support the official version of Android P (Android 9.0).

    RePlugin Architecture

    RePlugin Framework

    How to Use RePlugin

    Using RePlugin is very simple. Under most conditions, using it is no different than developing an App.

    If you are the first-time user, please click here to read Quick Start Guide(Chinese Version). Following our guide, you will learn more about RePlugin.

    If you wish to learn more gameplays about RePlugin, please click here to read Step-by-step Tutorial(Chinese Version).

    If you want to view RePlugin’s sample project, and learn concrete usage of the frame, please click here to check Sample SC.

    If you have any question, please click here to read FAQ(Chinese Version).

    These apps are using RePlugin

    360 Mobile Safe 360 App Store 360 Mobile Browser HuaJiao Camera 360 Clean Master
    360 Kan Movie JieQianBa 1 HaiTao HuaRun Tong JieLeMa
    360OS App 360 Loan (Internal App) (Internal App) (Internal App)

    Plug-ins Accessed in RePlugin

    For your reference, plug-ins accessed can be classified into following categories:

    • Expo plug-ins: Safe Home Page, physical examination, information flow, etc.
    • Business plug-ins: cleaning, disturbance intercept, floating window, etc.
    • Cooperation plug-ins: App Lock, free Wi-Fi, security desktop, etc.
    • Background plug-ins: Push, service management, Protobuf, etc.
    • Base plug-ins: Security WebView, share, location service, etc.

    By the end of June 2017, we already have 102 plug-ins like these. We look forward to you becoming a part of RePlugin family!

    Contribute Your Share

    We sincerely welcome and appreciate your contribution of any kind. You can submit code, raise suggestions, write documentation, etc. For more information, please click here to read Contribute Your Share(Chinese Version).


    RePlugin is Apache v2.0 licensed.

    (Thanks Xiezihan(谢子晗) for providing the translations.)


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