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    Fixed some typos, add a spell check ci and others minor fix (#8890) · 0bfccc55
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    This PR adds a spell checker CI action that will fail future PRs if they introduce typos and spelling mistakes.
    This spell checker is based on blacklist of common spelling mistakes, so it will not catch everything,
    but at least it is also unlikely to cause false positives.
    Besides that, the PR also fixes many spelling mistakes and types, not all are a result of the spell checker we use.
    Here's a summary of other changes:
    1. Scanned the entire source code and fixes all sorts of typos and spelling mistakes (including missing or extra spaces).
    2. Outdated function / variable / argument names in comments
    3. Fix outdated keyspace masks error log when we check `config.notify-keyspace-events` in loadServerConfigFromString.
    4. Trim the white space at the end of line in `module.c`. Check: https://github.com/redis/redis/pull/7751
    5. Some outdated https link URLs.
    6. Fix some outdated comment. Such as:
        - In README: about the rdb, we used to said create a `thread`, change to `process`
        - dbRandomKey function coment (about the dictGetRandomKey, change to dictGetFairRandomKey)
        - notifyKeyspaceEvent fucntion comment (add type arg)
        - Some others minor fix in comment (Most of them are incorrectly quoted by variable names)
    7. Modified the error log so that users can easily distinguish between TCP and TLS in `changeBindAddr`
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