This repository contains simple to install and use ROS-related plugins for the Qt Creator IDE. See the repository wiki for installation and additional information.


    The ROS Qt Creator Plug-in is developed specifically for ROS to increase a developers' efficiency by simplifying tasks and creating a centralized location for ROS tools. Since it is built on top of the Qt Creator platform, users have access to all of its existing features like: syntax highlighting, code indexing, editors (C++ , Python, etc.), code completion, version control (Git, Subversion, etc.), debuggers (GDB, CDB, LLDB, etc.), and much more.

    The ROS Qt Creator Plug-in provides the following capabilities:

    • Import/Create Catkin Workspaces
    • Create Catkin Packages
    • Custom Build Configuration
      • CatkinMake
      • CatkinTools
    • Custom Run Configurations
      • roslaunch
      • rosrun
      • Attach to Node
    • Automatic sourcing of the workspace
    • Integrated Tabbed Terminal
    • Templates
      • Industrial Robot Support Package
      • Basic Launch File
      • Basic URDF File
      • Basic Node File


    • Users may create custom templates.


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