1. 25 3月, 2021 1 次提交
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  4. 11 2月, 2021 2 次提交
    • P
      Restore the default behavior of the <CR> key. (#1221) · 3a9d533f
      Phil Runninger 提交于
      * Restore <CR>'s default behavior to be the same as o's.
      * Remove the dictionary validation, and simplify initCustomOpenArgs().
      There was a bug in the validation logic that caused a valid integer
      value of 'keepopen' to always be overwritten with the defaultOpenArgs'
      value. It was always comparing its type to the type of a string.
      I fixed this by removing all the type validation, and wrapping the code
      with a try-catch block. If NERDTreeCustomOpenArgs is not a dictionary,
      an error message will print and the defaults will be used instead.
      * Add fold markers to new functions.
      * Update version number in change log.
    • P
      Update README.markdown · d3f9fc44
      Phil Runninger 提交于
      Add the missing slashes in the names of two of the mentioned plugin managers.
  5. 10 2月, 2021 3 次提交
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      Update README.markdown · 1d46d6df
      Phil Runninger 提交于
    • P
      Fix {'keepopen':0} in NERDTreeCustomOpenArgs (#1217) · 593c16ad
      Phil Runninger 提交于
      * Replace #and() with two more-specific functions.
      * Push NERDTreeQuitOnOpen checking earlier in the call stack.
      * Fix bug in `go` key for file bookmarks. It was behaving like `gs`.
      * Fix the `o` mapping for bookmark nodes and the g:NERDTree reference.
      * Use get() function to shorten if statement logic.
      * Update version number in change log.
      * Remove obsolete reference to MERDTreeQuitOnOpen in comment.
    • D
      Removed directory separator from sort key (#1219) · d3becd11
      Daniel E 提交于
      * Removed directory separator from sort key
      Directories had an additional separator appended to them which caused improper comparisons for other directories that shared similar prefixes.
      * Updated changelog
  6. 31 1月, 2021 3 次提交
  7. 20 1月, 2021 1 次提交
    • P
      Enable full path specifications for NERDTreeIgnore (#1207) · b134f651
      Phil Runninger 提交于
      * Add ability to specify a path to be ignored.
      This ignore expression compares itself against the whole path of the
      node, instead of just the tail component of the node.
      * Remove debug statements and make it work on Windows.
      * Restore the original self.str() to get OS-specific paths for comparing.
      Using the UI-formatted path had two problems.
      1. It always appended a forward slash at the end of the path, which was
         unnecessary and made patterns like '/tmp/cache$[[path]]' not work as
      2. It always used forward slashes to join the path components. I thought
         this would be a good thing, but there's no reason to force Windows
         users to use that syntax. They'll just need to remember to escape the
         backslashes, like so: '\\Temp\\cache$[[path]]'
      * Add documentation for the new [[path]] tag for NERDTreeIgnore.
      * Replace the abbreviation 'dir' with the full word 'directory'.
      * Update version number in change log.
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    • P
      Revamp the README file (#1193) · 2406c456
      Phil Runninger 提交于
      * Revamp the README to improve clarity and provide more information.
      * Verify correct behavior of suggested auto commands.
      * Add my tribute to Norm Abrams. Be careful with those plugin managers.
      * Other minor formatting and cleanup.
      * Fix typos, reorder some sections, and tidy up the README.
      * Give a better answer to the single NERDTree for all tabs question.
      * More reformatting of text.
      * Add basic installation instructions. Switch to single quotes.
      * Update version number in CHANGELOG.
  12. 18 12月, 2020 1 次提交
  13. 15 10月, 2020 1 次提交
    • P
      Open a mirrored NERDTree with correct width (#1177) · 14af8974
      Phil Runninger 提交于
      * Make sure a mirrored NERDTree is displayed at correct width.
      * Remove references to unused variables.
      b:NERDTreeOldWindowSize was referenced, but never set anywhere. No need
      to keep it around.
      * Refactor: Initialize variables a different way.
      Using the get() function allows us to "let" variables more directly,
      without using the execute command or requiring strings to be escaped.
      This also eliminates the s:initVariable function. The new format is
      shown below, and defines a default value if the user didn't provide a
      value in the vimrc file.
        let g:var = get(g: 'var', 'default value')
      * Update version number in change log.
      * Fix alignment of `let g:var = get(g:, 'var', <default>)` statements.
  14. 18 8月, 2020 1 次提交
  15. 15 8月, 2020 1 次提交
    • P
      Refactor sort comparison functions, removing redundancy (#1166) · 23000acd
      Phil Runninger 提交于
      * Add a function to compare path objects.
      * Remove redundant node comparison function, and rename the ones left.
      * Remove the compareTo function in the Path object.
      Use nerdtree#compareNodePaths(p1,p2) instead. There was no need for two
      comparison functions that do the same thing. They were a little
      different in their details, but that shouldn't be the case. Having only
      one such function makes better sense and is easier to maintain.
      * Update version number in change log.
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  20. 14 7月, 2020 4 次提交
    • P
      Respect user's &shellslash setting in CopyNode and RemoveNode functions (#1150) · 96e247ba
      Phil Runninger 提交于
      * Replace s:Path.Slash() with nerdtree#slash().
      * Check the value of &shell when determining the slash under Windows.
      * Leave &shellslash unchanged when forming copy/delete commands.
      * Fix fold marker.
      * Update version number in change log.
      * Add abort attribute to nerdtree#slash() to satisfy Vim style guide.
      Co-authored-by: NPhil Runninger <prunninger@vhtcx.com>
    • P
      Update PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md · 2af10e35
      Phil Runninger 提交于
      Use a shorter command to display the recent patches: replace `| head -2` with `-m2` grep switch; replace a `sed` with `cut` to get the line numbers.
    • P
      Update PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md · 42a5a2c1
      Phil Runninger 提交于
      Make the tag creation process semi-automatic by making bash do more of the legwork. The included bash commands will:
      1. Make sure your master branch is up to date
      2. Display all the patch releases in the current MAJOR.MINOR version
      3. Ask for a version number to use as the tag (one of the ones previously displayed, presumably)
      4. Get the latest commit's subject line, and use it in the tag's message field.
      5. Create the tag, and push all tags to the origin.
    • P
      Fix new NERDTrees' width when previous one was in the only window. (#1153) · f8aa7499
      Phil Runninger 提交于
      * Fix new NERDTrees' width when previous one was in the only window.
      When leaving a NERDTree buffer, its window's width is remembered so that
      that width can be used when showing the buffer again in a new window. If
      NERDTree is the only window when leaving the buffer, it remembers the
      whole width of the editor. When a new NERDTree window is created, it is
      sized such that there is only a very small window for files to be opened
      To fix this, if NERDTree is the ONLY window, remember its width as the
      value of g:NERDTreeWinSize, not the width of the editor.
      * Update version number in change log.
  21. 12 7月, 2020 1 次提交
    • P
      Fix the scope of several key mappings (#1151) · aa37cb40
      Phil Runninger 提交于
      * Limit opening or previewing into a split window to only file nodes.
      * Prevent previwing directory nodes, which would create another NERDTree.
      * Refactor the previewBookmark code to open directories a better way.
      * Update version number in change log.
      * Update documentation.
  22. 23 6月, 2020 1 次提交
    • P
      Enable opening bookmarks in split windows. (#1144) · 65714528
      Phil Runninger 提交于
      * Add open/preview in split/vsplit to bookmarks.
      * Make preview split/vsplit bookmark work only on file nodes.
      * Add quickhelp text for split/vsplit commands on bookmarks.
      * Handle previewing directory bookmarks properly.
      * Update documentation: bookmarks can be opened in a split/vsplit.
      * Update version number in change log.
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  28. 15 5月, 2020 1 次提交
    • E
      * fix duplicated slash in s:Path.isUnder() (on windows OS) (#1122) · e2670f0d
      Eugenij 提交于
      * * fix duplicated slash in s:Path.isUnder() (on windows OS, for root directory on drive Path.str() return path with [back]slash)
      * * Rewrite NERDTreePath.isUnder() and NERDTreePath.isAncestor() for direct comparison of paths without transformations
      * Remove trailing slash, so we don't end up with two on root folder.
      The str() function returns "C:\" on the root folder and "C:\temp" on
      non-root folders, one with and one without a trailing backslash. This
      inconsistency needs to be handled so the stridx() function will work
      * Make sure the change also works in a non-windows file system.
      This commit handles an edge case that can be triggered with these
          :cd /home/me
          :e /foobar.txt  (an existing file)
      What happened was the root directory name '/' was being Resolved(), and
      the trailing (and only) slash was being removed. The NERDTree was then
      created in the current working directory, instead of the root directory.
      :NERDTreeFind then wasn't able to find foobar.txt, and printed an error.
      * Remove degugging statements.
      * * ambiguity issue fix
      Co-authored-by: NPhil Runninger <philrunninger@gmail.com>