Thanks to the 20+ developers who have sent us PRs since 1.4, and the many contributors to issues and the wiki. We're nearing a 1.5 release, finally.

Salient new features since 1.4:

  • regexp support (using Oniguruma)!

  • a proper module system

    import "foo/bar" as bar; # import foo/bar.jq's defs into a bar::* namespace


    include "foo/bar"; # import foo/bar.jq's defs into the top-level

  • destructuring syntax (. as [$first, $second, {$foo, $bar}] | ...)

  • math functions

  • an online streaming parser

  • minimal I/O builtions (inputs, debug)

    One can now write:

    jq -n 'reduce inputs as $i ( ... )'

    to reduce inputs in an online way without having to slurp them first! This works with streaming too.

  • try/catch, for catching and handling errors (this makes for a dynamic non-local exit system)

  • a lexical non-local exit system

    One can now say

    label $foo | ..... | break $foo

    where the break causes control to return to the label $foo, which then produces empty (backtracks). There's named and anonymous labels.

  • tail call optimization (TCO), which allows efficient recursion in jq

  • a variety of new control structure builtins (e.g., while(cond; exp), repeat(exp), until(cond; next)), many of which internally use TCO

  • an enhanced form of reduce: foreach exp as $name (init_exp; update_exp; extract_exp)

  • the ability to read module data files

    import "foo/bar" as $bar; # read foo/bar.json, bind to $bar::bar

  • --argjson var '<JSON text>'

    Using --arg var bit me too many times :)

  • --slurpfile var "filename"

    Replaces the --argfile form (which is now deprecated but remains for backward compatibility).

  • support for application/json-seq (RFC7464)

  • a large variety of new utility functions, many being community contributions (e.g., bsearch, for binary searching arrays)

  • datetime functions

  • a variety of performance enhancements

  • def($a): ...; is now allowed as an equivalent of def(a): a as $a | ...;

  • test and build improvements, including gcov support

Lastly, don't forget the wiki! The wiki has a lot of new content since 1.4, much of it contributed by the community.


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