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    Update community guidelines and add core team file · 94a6b071
    Maximilian Stoiber 提交于
    Based on the [Moya community
    guidelines](https://github.com/Moya/contributors) I've updated out
    `CONTRIBUTING.md` to explicitly explain our "Invite any contributor who
    has at least one PR merged" philosophy, and added a `CORE_TEAM.md` file
    which contains a list of core team members. (@geelen, @mxstbr, @philpl,
    @schwers; in order of addition)
    I've also already set up an instance of
    [Aeryn](https://github.com/Moya/Aeryn), which will automatically invite
    any collaborator that has a PR merged into the main `styled-components`
    repo to the organisation.
    I hope that (as with Moya) this makes the `styled-components` longer
    lasting and removes the core team members as bottlenecks from the
    evolution of the library.
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