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When you commit our pre-commit hook will run, which executes `lint-staged`. It will run the linter automatically and warn you if the code you've written doesn't comply with our code style guidelines.
### How do I fix my pre-commit hook?
We've recently migrated from `pre-commit` to `husky`, so if you're running into issues during this migration, you'll likely have to do the following:
rm .git/hooks/pre-commit*
node ./node_modules/husky/bin/install.js
This will delete the old `pre-commit` git hook and install husky's one.
Without the proper uninstallation script of the `pre-commit` package, this is necessary because `husky` will skip its installation when
a git hook is already present.
## Release process
[Core team members](./ have the responsibility of pushing new releases to npm. The release process is as follows:
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