Micro version 1.3.4.

See the readme for installation instructions.

This release fixes some bugs and makes a number of small improvements.

  • New scrollbar option (off by default)
    • Does not have mouse support
  • New savehistory option (on by default)
    • Micro will remember your command bar history between sessions (after closing and re-opening the editor)
  • Nano-like menu for showing the keybindings
    • Use Alt-g to enable
    • Displayed in the statusline
  • Paragraph movement
    • Use Alt-{ and Alt-}
  • Support for binding raw escape sequences
    • Some key events are not sent by terminals by default but they can be configured to send custom escape sequences. This feature lets you configure micro to receive custom escape sequences and bind them to an action.
  • retab command will convert tabs to spaces or vice versa depending on your tabstospaces setting
  • replace command now accepts the -l flag for 'literal'
    • It will treat the search term literally instead of as a regex
  • Command bar improvements
    • Environment variables are supported in the command bar
    • Shell commands will also be expanded in the command bar using backticks
    • Better keybindings
      • CtrlA, CtrlLeft: start of line
      • CtrlE, CtrlRight: end of line
      • CtrlF, AltRight: next word
      • CtrlB, AltLeft: previous word
      • CtrlW, AltBackspace: delete previous word
      • CtrlV: Paste
      • Arrow keys as usual
  • Some settings have been renamed for consistency
    • splitRight -> splitright
    • splitBottom -> splitbottom
  • sucmd option for customizing "save with sudo" (some systems use a different command from sudo).
  • Colorschemes and syntax improvements
    • New twilight colorscheme
    • Matlab/Octave syntax support
    • Lua, Javascript, Scala, Fish etc... syntax improvements
  • Minor change to the behavior of search
    • Should match the behavior from Vim/Emacs better


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