Micro v2.0.4

  • Better clipboard handling for SSH sessions (use internal clipboard even if xclip/xsel is installed if no X-server is available).
  • New CopyLine action (default for CtrlC with no selection).
  • FindLiteral action for Find without regexes (unbound by default).
  • tabmove command for moving tabs.
  • Support for Unicode combining characters.
  • Better customization for dividers with new divchars and divreverse options.
  • Support for italics in colorschemes.
  • Bug fixes.
    • Dropped redraw events.
    • View relocating with a selection.
    • More minor fixes.

Note for package maintainers: build paths were changed in this version to conform with the go.mod specification for projects with a semantic version >=2.0.0 (see #1638). If you are building micro, it is highly recommended that you use the provided makefile, or update your build scripts to build with the new v2 path for build tags.


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