Micro v2.0.5

Edit: Due to a significant bug on the Windows version, please use version 2.0.6-dev.3 (attached below as 2.0.5 to avoid causing errors for automated installers) instead of 2.0.5 (for Windows only). Sorry for any inconvenience.


  • Micro will ensure that settings.json only contains non-default settings.
    • Settings will have default values unless overridden in settings.json.
    • Any settings with default values in settings.json will be removed after modifying your settings or running micro -clean.
  • New relativeruler option (default off).
    • Makes line numbers relative to your current cursor position.
  • New parsecursor option for file:line:col syntax (default off).
    • Enable for previous behavior to open a file at a location.
  • More consistent key labels to reduce confusion about keybindings.
  • Autocompletion is more conservative and only triggers for alphanumerics.
  • Performance improvements.
  • More languages supported by the default comment plugin.
    • Use Alt-/ or Ctrl-/ (new) to comment/uncomment a block of code.
    • Note that micro sees Ctrl-/ as the CtrlUnderscore event from the terminal.
  • Bug fixes.
    • Mouse support in command bar.
    • Escape sequence handling.
    • Other minor issues and improvements.


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